Asus EA-AC87 5 GHz Wireless-AC 1800 Media Bridge/ Access Point

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 World’s fastest 5 GHz data rate of 1734 Mbps  | 4x4 MIMO wireless signal coverage up to 465 m2(around 5,000 ft2)1. | Media Bridge mode connects any wired device to a wireless network. | Access Point mode upgrades old routers to the latest-generation 5 GHz Wi-Fi. | 5 GHz signal-quality indicators.

Product Description

Product Description

Asus EA-AC87

Asus ASUS EA-AC87 5 GHz Wireless-AC 1800 Media Bridge/ Access Point feature

Bring the Fastest Wi-Fi to Your Wired Devices
ASUS proudly presents EA-AC87, the world’s first 4x4 Wireless-AC1800 2-in-1 media bridge and access point, featuring incredible faster-than-wired 1734 Mbps performance, enhanced coverage by 4-transmit, 4-receive (4x4) antenna and the latest MU-MIMO technology1 for multi-device performance, all in a stunningly-designed device. EA-AC87 is the easiest and most convenient way to supercharge your existing wireless network and let your Ethernet devices to wireless!

Groundbreaking wireless performance

1734 Mbps at 5 GHz!
EA-AC87 is the world's fastest combined media bridge and access point , featuring up to 1734 Mbps speeds on the 5 GHz band2, which is 33% faster than a 1300 Mbps 3x3 device. The revolutionary and future-proof multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology means that in Access Point mode, EA-AC87 can connect to multiple compatible clients simultaneously at each device's maximum speed, unlike standard single-user MIMO where individual devices have to share the available bandwidth. This means that as you connect more devices to EA-AC87, its performance actually improves, giving all users the best possible internet experience1.

Asus ASUS EA-AC87 5 GHz Wireless-AC 1800 Media Bridge/ Access Point feature

Unrivaled signal coverage
4x4 antenna design with AiRadar eliminates wireless ‘dead zones’
Boasting a powerful four-transmit, four-receive (4x4) antenna design, EA-AC87 Access Point mode gives you up to 465 m2 (around 5,000 ft2) of wireless coverage, making it the ideal choice for large homes and multi-floor buildings3. Even better, ASUS AiRadar intelligently strengthens wireless connectivity using 802.11ac universal beamforming technology, high-power amplification and exclusive ASUS RF fine-tuning. Proven by real-world tests, EA-AC87 lets you stream two 4K videos flawlessly at its maximum range.

Media Bridge mode
Faster-than-wired networking for any device
EA-AC87 is compatible with any Ethernet-enabled device, including smart TVs, multimedia players, game consoles and PCs. Pair EA-AC87 with RT-AC87U for faster-than-wired Wi-Fi speeds with less cable mess and the ultimate multi-device performance with the coming soon MU-MIMO. For added convenience, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) connects wireless devices easily and securely at the touch of a button.

Access Point mode
Upgrade your wireless network to the world’s fastest 5 GHz speeds
EA-AC87 can add a fast and stable 5 GHz network to a single band 2.4 GHz router, upgrading it to 1734 Mbps speeds for ultra-smooth online gaming, 4K video streaming and speedier downloading. For an existing 5 GHz network, EA-AC87 adds an extra 5 GHz network so you can connect even more devices for even greater wireless multitasking!

Signal-quality indicators
Find the best Wi-Fi reception with ease
In Media Bridge mode, LEDs on the front of the EA-AC87 show the 5 GHz signal quality at a glance, so you can adjust the location of the router or EA-AC87 easily to get the very best Wi-Fi reception.

Excellent 5 GHz signal quality!Excellent 5 GHz signal quality!
Weak 5 GHz signal quality Reduce the distance between EA-AC87 and the router for a better signal.
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The actual performance may vary as a result of network conditions and environmental factors.
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Additional Information

Product SKU ASU00163
Model EA-AC87
Condition New
Wireless Type Wireless-AC
Ethernet Type Gigabit Ethernet
WiFi Frequency Band 5GHz
Advanced Features
  • Network Standard
    IEEE 802.11ac
  • Product Segment
    AC1800 Ultimate AC performance: 1734 Mbps
  • Interface
  • Ports
    5 x RJ45 for Gigabits BaseT for LAN
  • Data Rate
    802.11ac : downlink up to 1734 Mbps, uplink up to 1734 Mbps (20/40/80MHz)
  • Antenna
    4 x R SMA Antenna
  • Operating Frequency
    5 GHz
  • Operation Channel
    11 for N. America, 14 Japan, 13 Europe (ETSI)
  • Security
    WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPS support
  • Modulation
    64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK, 256QAM
  • Utilities
    Wireless setting, WPS Wizard
  • Certificates
    CE, FCC, C-Tick, NCC, Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions
    160 x 160 x 40 ~ mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight
    480 g (Device Only)
  • OS Support
    Windows® 8.1 
    Windows® 8 
    Windows® 7 
    Windows® Vista 
    Windows® XP 
    Mac OS X 10.1
    Mac OS X 10.4
    Mac OS X 10.5
    Mac OS X 10.6
    Mac OS X 10.7
    Mac OS X 10.8
  • Package Content
    Dipole Antenna x 4
    Support CD
    Warranty card
Dimensions 160 x 160 x 40 ~ mm (WxDxH)
Warranty 3 Year Warranty