Bushfire Relief - The Wireless 1 Team is heartbroken with the devastation and loss of life caused by the bushfires. $5 from every sale from now until January 31 will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Australian Bushfire Relief

The Wireless 1 Team is truely heartbroken from the devastating bushfires that are still burning nationwide.

Our hearts go out to all the firefighters, wildlife, and people that have been injured or have unfortunately perished, to all the property that has been damaged or destroyed.

Being a Sydney based company, this really hits home for all of us here at Wireless 1, so we wish to give back however we can.

To show our support to all the victims and communities we are pledging $5 from every sale made on our website from now until January 31st to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

They are working tirelessly around the clock fighting the fires as well as performing prevention efforts to aid in decreasing the severity as much as possible.

Our thoughts, prayers, and support are with them and all who are affected during this frightening natural disaster.