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Enjoy the power of a desktop PC with the compact convenience of a tablet with the laptops available from Wireless 1. Packed with enough processing speed, RAM and storage to handle the demands of modern computing, these portable PCs work great for both work and play. Select a model with a reliable solid-state drive to better secure and store important files, or pick a style with a state-of-the-art video card to accommodate new gaming releases. With major brands such as HP, MSI and ACER on offer, Wireless 1 has high-quality electronics to best suit your laptop needs.

Speedy Task Handling

Breeze through tasks with the best laptops Wireless 1 has to offer. Models like MSI laptops with multicore processors provide the speed you need to quickly launch and operate modern apps. Options with lots of RAM work great for gamers, multitaskers and video editors when paired with top-notch video cards, reducing lag for a more satisfying work or play experience. Most notebooks also have big enough hard drives to store large media files, such as movies and music collections.

Fuss-Free Connectivity

Choose laptops for sale by Wireless 1 with fuss-free connectivity. The majority of laptops include wireless networking cards that simplify internet use, and most have ports on the sides that let you plug in networking cables if you need more secure access. Options with Bluetooth pair seamlessly with wireless peripherals, such as mice, keyboards and speakers, and most models include multiple USB ports, providing an easy way to transfer data between devices or charge your smartphone.

Simple to Use

Beat the learning curve with Windows laptops from Wireless 1. The familiar interface lets you seamlessly move from your desktop PC to your notebook computer without missing a beat. Models with Windows operating systems typically include Office 365 subscriptions for the first year, offering access to premium office applications and free cloud data storage. Additionally, Windows laptops make it simple to download apps from the Windows Store so you can easily customise your system.

No matter if you need a laptop PC to take notes in class, to complete work at home or just for entertainment, Wireless 1 has models and configurations that precisely suit your needs. Call us on 02 9687 8828 or email us to get personalised customer service for your laptop needs.

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