Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini V2 USB LED Light


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Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini V2 USB LED Light | Carabiner included for hanging | Chainable up to 4 | USB output for chaining | USB input for powering or chaining | Power switch | Area Light (Up) is for broad, bright light | Lantern Light (Down) is for a soft, ambient light | GZ24007 | 1 Year Warranty
Product Description

Product Description

The Goal Zero Light-a-Life Mini V2 is a bright mini USB light with 110 lumens, perfect to take on camping and outdoor adventures - it makes the ideal tent light! The collapsible diffuser offers soft light or a spotlight effect, there's also a carabiner included for hanging from your tent hook! The Light-a-Life Mini is a chainable LED light that pairs ideally with any Goal Zero recharger! It has a low-powered draw for long-lasting light from any USB port. For broad, bright light, utilize the Light-a-Life Mini in its area light mode, this is a great mode for outdoor use. For a soft, ambient light, utilize the Light-a-Life Mini in its lantern mode, great for indoor use!

Please Note: While in use, the metal neck of the Light-a-Life mini will become hot to the touch.


Additional Information

Product SKU GOA00018
Model GZ24007
Condition New

Model: GZ24007
UPC/ISBN: 847974004067

Dimensions (Compact): 37.7mm dia x 56.7mm

Dimensions (Extended): 37.7mm dia x 71.5mm

Weight: 68g

Operating Usage Temp: -18 - 60C

Chainable: Yes, up to 4

Light (Output): LED Rating: 1.9W max, 110 Lumens, 3500K LED

Input: USB-male: 5V, 0.38A, (1.9W max)


With Switch 10: Approx. 5 hours

With Flip 20: Approx. 10 hours

With Venture 30: Approx. 15 hours

With Sherpa 50: Approx. 25 hours

Warranty 1 Year Warranty