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8 Secrets to improve your stream, significantly

8 Secrets to improve your stream, significantly

Streaming has been around for quite a few years now and every year there are more and more upcoming streamers and as a profession has become commonplace in gaming, music, and content creating.

There are a few streams out there that really stand out and differentiate themselves from everyone else and besides the streamers' personality/skills, those are the streams that people are really attracted to and get high viewership. But what makes them different from other streams? To put it simply, the quality of the stream, not just in terms of the video/audio quality, but the general aesthetic and feel of the stream. While we can’t give you tips on how to make a fully animated avatar that tracks your movements like CodeMiko (defiantly the most fun stream out there in my opinion), we can give you tips on products that will spruce up your stream to give it a bit more uniqueness, quality and hopefully, more viewership.


Razer webcam

Get yourself a decent camera or webcam

If you’re the type of streamer that doesn’t have a webcam or camera, then you must have extremely good skills or talents that people are usually only watching you for your gameplay or talent. Without a doubt, streamers who show their face usually have a much higher viewer count than a streamer who doesn’t. One of the main reasons for this is the interaction with the stream. Lots of viewers love seeing how the streamer reacts to certain things, they like to put a face to the voice and sometimes, people may just like it when the streamer is chatting to them, without gameplay (like a Just Talking or IRL stream).

So why not invest in a dedicated camera or webcam that will provide you with not only a camera so people can see you, but also provide you with great quality, effectively, upgrading your stream. The better the quality, the more people would want to view it.

Check out our streaming cameras here.


HyperX Microphone

A quality microphone

Microphones are a very important part of streams, after all, people want to hear you make you call-outs, your reactions to things, and of course you can use them to talk to your teammates and chat which is one of the most interactive parts of streaming. I know many others, including myself would almost instantly change a stream if the audio is bad. I’m not picky, if the microphone is even half decent I’m more than willing to watch that stream, but if it’s a cheap, crackling and possibly static-y sounding, I’d personally just find a different stream to watch. Luckily, Wireless 1 stocks some of the best microphones on the market. Check them out here.



A green screen for effect

Green screens have become increasingly popular for streamers, you can replace the green with basically any type of background you want. Want to appear in a palace? Easy. Want to make your room look like another dimension? A few clicks here, an image there and you’re ready to go. Green screens go a long way considering you’re using it to your advantage. Add animations, GIFs, really cool backgrounds or whatever you want. A green screen has 1000s of possibilities and will defiantly provide a really nice flare to your stream. Check out the Elgato green screen here.


Nanoleaf shapes

RGB panels and strips

If you’re not a green screen person, that’s fine too, but you’ll want something to still have in the background to just give a better atheistic to your room or wherever you may be streaming from. Come in RGB LED panels or LED strips. RGB panels such as the ones from Nanoleaf provide you with a number of different shapes (depending on the kit you get) that you can set up on your wall in whatever type of shape you like. Each panel are very bright and can change colours, either at a touch of a button through their app, or via a controller. They can also be programmed to have different lighting effects and patterns. You can set up profiles for it too so you can make different lighting effects and on-the-fly change them to a different setting. LED strips are also fantastic. While not as sophisticated as the Nanoleaf Shapes, they are an amazing addition to any stream, allowing you to have a strip (or all around your room) of RGB lights which you can customize to your liking. Have a look at what we have to offer in steam lighting here.


Elgato Keylights

Key lights to put the spotlight on you

Even if you have the best camera, if your lighting isn’t up to par, then the image may look dark, considerably downgrading the quality of your stream. A quick solution for this is investing in some LED key lights. Key lights are a fantastic tool. Can be placed behind your camera, on your desk or even in the corner of your room to provide you with beautiful soft light that doesn’t seem harsh giving you a softer skin tone and less shine off your skin. So even if you’re sweaty on a hot day, you won’t look messy. Elgato key lights are now available at Wireless 1 which you can see here.


Elgato Capture CArd

Get yourself a capture card

A capture card, if you don’t already have one is a must. A capture card is a device that's used in conjunction with a computer to capture on-screen content and encode it for playback in either a livestream or a high-quality video file. Capture cards can be used with video game consoles (new and old), as well as computers and cameras, essentially game capture cards take the raw feed of gameplay and put it into a language that a video player, like YouTube or Twitch, can understand. Ensuring you get very smooth and very high resolution captures for your stream. Check out our capture cards by clicking here.


Dual monitor stream

Boost productivity and switch effects faster with a 2nd screen

I highly recommend getting a second (or third) monitor for your stream. Whatever software you’re using to steam, always has an option of customization. Rather than capturing everything that’s on your screen, it’s best to put whatever you want your viewers to see on one screen and all your tools/software on the other screen. This way, you can easily have all your stream settings ready to go. Want to add a quick effect or sound while you’re streaming? Look at the other screen and click it, without your viewers seeing what you’re doing. Especially if you have a green screen, this would make it much easier to switch effects on the go without interrupting your stream or viewers. Check out Wireless 1’s monitors from the best brands right here.



More RGB accessories!

Let’s be honest. RGB lighting just make everything look better. So why not upgrade all your peripherals to RGB ones? Get them all from the same brand and you’ll be able to customize and control all your devices from their RGB controller app, like Razer’s Synapses, Corsair’s iCue or Logitech’s G hub software as an example of some of these programs. Sync all your lighting effects together, customize the colour on each device, or have the same colour (or multiple) across all your peripherals. Visually, this would look amazing and almost guaranteed to increase your viewership. Check out all of Wireless 1’s RGB peripherals and accessories by clicking here.


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