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Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera: One of the Best Wireless Security Cameras in the Market

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera: One of the Best Wireless Security Cameras in the Market

Security cameras make a world of difference in keeping and maintaining your privacy and protection. Installing a high-definition cam often takes time and may discourage first-time buyers if not push them to explore better faster options. Thanks to innovative efforts, however, some of the best wireless security cameras in the market like the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight camera let users enjoy several superior features, including quality footage, direct Wi-Fi connectivity and protection for spaces of any size. They are also convenient to install and do not rely on wired connections to function.

Today's product in focus is the Pro 4 Spotlight HDR Security Camera, an acclaimed CCTV camera from the Arlo brand. If you are looking for a wireless security camera with advanced features that only takes a few minutes to install, this equipment is perfect for you. Below we list down its key specifications, so you can assess for yourself whether this camera meets your expectations or personal standards.

24/7 Privacy and Protection

The Pro 4 Spotlight wireless HDR camera is designed for day and night security. Even when you are away from home, its 2560x1440 resolution and 4 megapixel (MP) image sensor ensure quality coverage, capturing movements from any distance 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. Footage will immediately be recorded in your camera's memory, which you can play back anytime at your convenience.

Remote Real-Time Monitoring

Smart watches display with live casting from Arlo wifi camera Through a downloadable app, it is easy for you to monitor the activities within, outside or near your home from anywhere. The app gives you a live video and audio of the entire space covered by your camera lens or security system as long as there is Internet access. In case of unauthorised entries or suspicious activities, you can immediately report to the police or warn other members of your family. Real-time monitoring is an effective security measure that helps deter crimes and gives homeowners peace of mind.

Direct Wi-Fi Connection

Unlike other wireless security cameras, the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight does not require a base station. Base stations receive and transmit radio frequency (RF) signals, serving as a local wireless network hub. But with this ArIo security camera, users get to experience 100% wireless connectivity through a direct Wi-Fi connection.

Long Battery Life

Enjoy continuous battery life for 6 months. No need to change or charge the battery frequently. The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight is equipped with a durable, heavy-duty battery that lasts for half a year before its next charging period. Most Arlo Pro wireless security cameras have rechargeable 3.85V 4800mAh 18.48Wh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and can be purchased or replaced at authorised stores. Some units also support non-rechargeable and rechargeable C123A battery types.

Fast Charging

Users have the option to quickly charge this wire-free CCTV camera through a magnetic charging cable, which snaps into place and provides uninterrupted power. It takes no more than 2 hours to completely charge your unit. Upon plugging, the charger's blue light flashes quickly before going out. It will make a solid return only after the camera is completely charged. If you leave home while the camera is still charging, the app or web interface lets you monitor the charging percentage and see its progress live.

Smart Notifications

Receive real-time smart alerts for detected moving objects or suspicious movements. Control the kinds of alerts you want to receive through the Arlo application or web interface so you need not be informed of irrelevant activities. The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight is smart enough to differentiate suspicious from random and will only send you important alerts.

Integrated Spotlight

Arlo cameras have built-in spotlights that automatically light up at night, warding off unwanted visitors and capturing movements in the darkness. Even with dim lighting, expect your security camera to produce better video quality. You have the option to activate your spotlight manually from a remote location through the unit's live stream. The spotlight automatically activates whenever it detects movements, flashing on and off.

Top-Tier Accessories

Not only is the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight compatible with VMB5000 and VMB4540 SmartHubs and VMB4000 and VMB4500 base stations, it also accommodates Arlo Solar Panel chargers, letting you store energy from the sun for future use. And if you purchased several Arlo Pro cameras for your security system, switching to a dual charging station will lessen your charging time and enable you to charge two camera batteries simultaneously. You have the discretion to obtain as many spare rechargeable batteries as you want for emergency purposes. To integrate the camera with any AI voice technology and smart device control like Amazon's Alexa, Apple's HomeKit1, and Google Assistant, look to the manual for instructions.

Other Notable Features

What else can you expect from this Arlo model? In addition to a high-definition resolution that captures clear colours and details in 2K, the security camera is weather-proof and comes with an easy wireless installation setup. It has a built-in siren with manual and automatic trigger options and two-way audio that allows you to communicate with the person from the other end of the camera. The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight offers a wide 160-degree vision, giving you the best view of your property no matter the angle.

Where to Buy the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight HDR Camera

Establish a convenient, comprehensive and easy-to-monitor security system today with the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera. A run-through of its specs, capabilities and advantages tells us just how powerful and effective this model is in protecting homes, enforcing security measures and ensuring privacy. If you are interested to know where to purchase one of the best wireless security cameras from the Arlo brand, browse through Wireless1's online technology store today. View our full roster of critically acclaimed products and brands and enjoy free shipping for orders above $200.

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