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Easily earn NFTs by gaming, for free!

Easily earn NFTs by gaming, for free!

15 years ago, if you were to tell me that I can make money just from playing games on my phone or PC, I’d laugh. These days, we’re living in a world where it’s a reality. Of course, unless you’re an extremely talented pro gamer, demolishing people at tournaments, making the big bucks or a popular streamer with a huge following, gaming isn’t exactly easy to make money from. However, cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have set out to change this and as of right now, you can start making money, without spending a single penny!


That’s right! You can own your own NFTs and make cryptocurrency by simply playing games, at no cost to you and all you’ll need is a smartphone and a PC to get started! We’ll be going through the steps on how to get started with Womplay, how you can start earning NFTs and crypto and how to move forward from there!


Keep in mind, this isn’t the only way to get into crypto gaming or NFT gaming, but it’s a simple way you can start up and explore it. The great thing about this is that there are tons of games that allow you to earn NFTs and cryptocurrency, so you can pick and choose what games suit you best, after all, the more time you put in, the more NFTs and cryptocurrency you can earn. Further to that, there are also quests for you to complete that allow you to earn even more by finishing them and redeeming the quest, this could be anything from a random NFT from the game you’re playing, or it could reward you with points that allow you to convert them into cryptocurrency (more on this later).  


Wombat EoS wallets

What is Womplay and a Wombat Wallet?

Womplay, or is a website/platform where you can earn NFTs and cryptocurrency by simply playing games! It’s easy! You’ll just need to sign up for a Womplay account via, connect your EOS wallet (more on EOS wallets below) so that all your earnings go into your crypto wallet so it’s safe, secure and only you can have access to it.


Getting started with NFTs

Steps to getting started

Now, you may think that it’ll take you some time or work to actually get started, but it’s actually a super simple process. You’ll be able to start gaming and earning within minutes!

A quick breakdown of what you’ll need is:

  1. An internet connection
  2. A smartphone
  3. PC (for more games, this is optional)
  4. An EOS wallet (I recommend Wombat, who are the creators of Womplay, steps on this below)
  5. A account

First, an internet connection is a must, I don’t think you’ll be reading this article without one, so you’ve already got that covered!

Secondly, you’ll need a smartphone that you can play games on, without this, you’ll be limited to your PC, but there may not be many options to earn NFTs, only currency.

Most importantly, you’ll need an EOS wallet, as recommended earlier, more on how to create one below!

You’ll also need a account which you can easily create through their website and then finally, link your EOS wallet to your account and get started!


How to create an Wombat EoS wallet

How to set up a Wombat wallet account

If you don’t have an EOS crypto wallet yet, then I’d recommend creating a Wombat wallet by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Apple app store or Google play store, find, download and install Wombat – EOS Wallet.
  2. Open the Wombat App and click “New to Wombat? Sign Up”
  3. Read the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy, check if you agree and sign in using social media, apple or google.
  4. Set PIN for device Security
  5. Click “Create New Account”
  6. Backup your Account through Google Drive or Dropbox
  7. Choose an Account Name “use 12 characters (a-z and 1-5)”
  8. Congratulations! You’ve just made a Wombat wallet account!

If you’re unfamiliar with what this is used for, a cryptocurrency wallet allows you to store all your cryptocurrency and your NFTs in one place, you can also choose to trade, sell or buy cryptocurrency through your wallet and you can also do the same with your NFTs. All the currency and NFTs you’ll be earning through Womplay will be transferred to your Wombat wallet.


NFT games

Getting to the games!

Now that you’ve got your crypto wallet, sign in to your account, connect your EOS wallet to your account (you will be prompt for this, so you can’t miss it) and you can start earning right away!

By going to the homepage, a quick scroll down the main page, once you’re logged in, will show you what games are available to play and start earning! I recommend checking out the “Womplay top games” section. Here, you’ll usually find the games that will reward you with NFTs, which are usually labelled with “NFT inside”. Every few months there are new games to play to earn NFTs, some games even give you multiple opportunities to earn NFTs and more cryptocurrency, whereas some games only allow you to have 1 or 2 quests that will guarantee you an NFT or “Wombucks”.



What are Wombucks and how do they work?

Wombucks are the virtual tokens that you earn through playing games via These points accumulate on your Womplay account the more you play. As soon as you earn just a single Wombuck (you’d usually get 1000 points just by logging into a game), you can then join their weekly cashout events.

What does that mean? Well, this is how you earn your cryptocurrency, the more Wombuck you have, the more EOS or pBTC you can earn through the cashout event. I recommend cashing out in EOS for gaming and NFTs, otherwise, pBTC is a cryptocurrency you can use to trade for other currencies. This can always be traded back forth if you change your mind later through your Wombat wallet.

Please note, that at the end of the event all your accumulated Wombuck will be converted into EOS or pBTC depending on what you choose to cash out on. However, if you don’t join the event, you can accumulate more and whenever you’re ready, join the cash out event to convert all your hard-earned Wombucks to some cryptocurrency.


NFT games

How do quests work?

Quests are a new feature to allowing you to earn more NFTs and currency! Once you’ve downloaded any of the NFT games, in this case, I’m going to use Mech Arena as an example because it’s one of the most fun (in my opinion) games that are on Womplay at the moment and is action-packed!

When you’ve downloaded the game on your smartphone (you can also use a PC with an Android emulator if you really wanted to), just simply log into the game, wait for it to fully load and Womplay will now recognize it as part of your game list. If you log back onto, you can see there’s a small scroll symbol in the top right corner. Clicking this will bring down your quest menu, every time you play a new game that Womplay supports you’ll get missions for the games through this menu. These missions could be something as simple as; spend “X” amount of time playing Mech Arena or something a bit harder such as; reach “X” level in Mech Arena. Of course, each game gives you different quests for you to complete with different rewards, some will reward you with a large amount of Wombucks for you to cash out if you choose to or they could reward you with an NFT! The rewards are listed with the quest, so you can see what you’re able to earn before you complete or start the quest.


NFT quests on womplay

What are the NFTs I can earn?

The NFTs you can earn through Womplay are usually NFTs related to that game. The NFTs come in different rarities, common, rare, epic and mythic. Common being your least valued ones to the mythic NFTs, which can fetch over $100USD and they’re well sorted after too! You can choose to keep your NFT in your wallet for a chance of it rising in value over time, or you can sell it through a blockchain, which also can be done through your Wombat wallet.

But you can take your NFTs a step further and stake them! Not familiar with staking? Basically, it allows you to stake your NFTs as assets towards different NFT games, similar to how crypto staking works. For example, if you log into your Wombat wallet, you can find a game called “Wombat dungeon” which is also made by Wombat. This isn’t really a game you play, it’s more of a “check back every 24 hours” kind of situation. Basically, with all the NFTs you earn, you can stake them on Wombat Dungeon (meaning they will be locked into there until you remove them). What will happen, your wombat (in the game) will use your NFTs to start mining for currency. This is similar to how Wombucks work and will be converted at the end of the season into crypto, the more you earn, and the more will be converted! Your wombat also has a chance to find NFTs while it’s mining meaning you can get even more! Each NFT, depending on the rarity will give you “mining power” which will allow you to earn more points and more NFTs (which you can then stake again).

They’ll allow up to 100 NFTs per blockchain for you to stake, so your wombat will have a lot of mining power to find you more points and NFTs!


Of course, is not the only place you can earn free NFTs and cryptocurrencies. There are many websites and platforms out there that will give you more options, but if you want to get quickly started, hassle-free, try


In saying that, if you’re interested in getting started with this and you don’t have a decent smartphone or PC that can handle all of this gaming (or maybe you just want to play multiple at a time to earn even more), then shop with Wireless 1 and check out our mobile phones and check out our laptops!



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