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How Does the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Work?

How Does the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Work?

One of the more convenient selections in the Ubiquiti product line, the UniFi Dream Machine is an all-in-one networking device that is as easy to use as it delivers. The Ubiquiti Dream Machine combines router, switch and Wi-Fi access point functionalities. Users can control it through an integrated cloud key, which means location is the least of your concern. Networking nerds who prefer to have everything in one place would find this product cost-efficient and a time-saver. If you are looking to build a good network for both wired and wireless connections without going over your budget, consider the benefits of this Ubiquiti innovation.

There is much to unload where this device is concerned. How does the UDM work? Where to start? How to use it to your advantage? Here we highlight some important information.

A Single Location for the Ubiquiti Ecosystem

Before this all-in-one networking technology, customers purchased separate router, switch and access point products to create their dream network. And Ubiquiti has always offered a unique experience to its dedicated customers including easy to manage Ethernet ports on switches and Wi-Fi settings accessible from anywhere in the globe. Critics hail the environment created from its top-tier products as the components that make up a professional networking gear. The caveat with every networking ecosystem, however, is the cost. Buying all the necessary equipment separately requires a steep upfront investment not all consumers can afford to pay.

With the UniFi Dream Machine, Ubiquiti artfully combines all the pieces essential to a network system in a single place. Users are able to control details of this device and have the option to avail of cloud features for remote monitoring and management. This is real value for your money right here. Upfront investment is reduced significantly and you pay a lot less for this rebundled version. For budget-conscious customers, this product meets them half-way.

Quality Specifications, Impressive Performance

As the Ubiquiti Dream Machine offers a new take on the networking environment, people might wonder if it provides the same quality experience. Or does the lumping of router, switch and Wi-Fi access points together dilute performance levels? A look at the UDM’s key features says otherwise. Below is a rundown of its specs, which are nothing short of quality:

  • High performance dual-band Wave 2 access point (802.11ac, Wi-Fi 5)
  • 4×4 MU-MIMO antenna
  • 4 Ethernet ports on a Gigabit switch (managed)
  • Highly secure gateway (deep packet inspection and malware/virus protection)
  • Pre-installed support apps for the UniFi Network
  • Embedded Enterprise Software
  • 1.7 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 processor
  • Multiple simultaneous device connectivity
  • Users can enjoy both wired and wireless connections at the same time
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage
  • Power consumption of up to 26 watts
  • 3.5" HDD Bay for NVR Storage (also supports 2.5" HDD)

In some tech stores, you can buy the UDM at discounted prices plus 1 year warranty. The specifications listed above clearly indicate a device that creates a high performance network experience despite its all-in-one structure. Through the UniFi Cloud Portal, users get to launch controllers from a single view and access applications from a remote location. A great and convenient system for both personal and business use. Whether you work from home or have your own business, the UDM is versatile enough to provide solutions for different network requirements.

How to Use The UniFi Dream Machine

Once you set up the UniFi Dream Machine, you are ready to experience the best it has to offer. First, secure an Ethernet cable and connect it to your ISP-provided router. Set to bridge mode. By doing this, your modem router relinquishes all responsibility and lets the UniFi Dream Machine reign supreme. All the controls and commands from the UDM will take precedence while your provider’s modem is incapacitated.

Next, download the designated mobile app (check your UDM manual) and switch on the UniFi Dream Machine. A popup message will notify you. You are now ready to access and manage your network from the mobile app you downloaded. The network will also be accessible through your PC’s website browser should you prefer this option instead.

The controller software has an inventory of all the UniFi devices simultaneously running on your network, but you only see a single device if you use the UniFi Dream Machine. However, by expanding the device, the gateway, switch and AP components are effectively revealed. This is by far one of the most interesting and unique features of the UDM.

Earlier it was mentioned users can manage and control the network’s details. If you only have basic knowledge of networking, it is best to leave this part to the experts. For those with experience in networking, tinkering the UDM and exploring its functions will help you discover the best ways for optimising its setup. You can use the UDM as a DHCP server for your home or office as well as rename devices and assign fixed IPs for each to facilitate identification and location. Networks currently in use can be seen in real-time and you can tell which connections are getting a good Wi-Fi signal.

Other uses of the Ubiquiti Dream Machine:

  • Creating Wi-Fi networks for IoT devices like printers, speakers or smart vacuum cleaners
  • Limiting access to only trusted users like family and friends
  • Assigning VLANs for different Wi-Fi networks
  • Applying firewalls to VLANs, which lets you control IoT devices from a personal device
  • Connecting through SSH and start controlling from the terminal

Benefits in More Ways than One

There are several ways you can use Ubiquiti’s Dream Machine to your advantage. The all-in-one design is an innovative milestone for the brand and an ideal setup for a convenient networking ecosystem. However, while versatile and capable of bringing so much more in terms of connectivity, security and overall experience, the UDM has its limitations. For bigger needs such as corporation-level network infrastructure, this device will not be enough to power an entire building or department. In small business settings and personal home networks, it is a breath of fresh air and top-notch professional gear through and through. Visit Wireless1’s tech store to know more about this acclaimed Ubiquiti product.

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