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How Drone Cameras Change the Nature of Youtube Shots

How Drone Cameras Change the Nature of Youtube Shots

In the past, photographers and videographers needed a helicopter, steered by a licensed pilot, to capture aerial shots and video footage. It was a costly and time-consuming process that limited the scope of the industry to filmmakers and big companies. With the arrival of drone photography, the market expanded for the better. Now everyone gets to enjoy flying drone cameras. Hobbyists, aspiring photographers and videographers, and professionals themselves have the opportunity to produce high-definition aerial photos and videos safely and without hassles. From weddings to travel vlogs, we can now consume diverse content that feature breathtaking footage with a bird's eye view.

Drones have not only changed the face of the filmmaking industry, they have also opened doors for digital creatives. Even ordinary people with drone-flying skills can record incredible videos of landscapes, beachscapes and horizons and share these captures with the public. The moment this innovative technology seeped its way into the mainstream, its popularity was inevitable. Drone videography has made an impact on individual lives, improved businesses and contributed to various sectors. Below we highlight the key benefits of using drones and how it changes the quality of YouTube videos and vlogs in general.

Creates a Unique Perspective

Some of the best cinematographers know what angles to shoot and offer new perspectives through their filming styles. The use of drones can augment such styles and make videos more powerful or moving. Whether you are using drone videography to promote your brand, product, event or location, a unique vantage point through a bird's eye view will surely bring out something new and refreshing. The impressives aerial footage gives viewers insights into what went on during an event or a bigger picture of a location being talked about. Through these perspectives, you get to connect with your audience and spark their interest.

High-Definition Videos

More recent drone models are capable of capturing 4k high resolution video footage or even higher. HD videography ensures your videos are clear and not pixelated. You can zoom in several times, crop or make adjustments without altering the quality of the videos. The new generation of drones are equipped with advanced gimbal and 3-axis stabilisation, which keep the shots and recording stable throughout flight. They can also perform several moves while retaining video stability and not causing any blurs.

Easy to Set Up

Unless you are flying big drones that can perform complex functions, drone videography is easy to learn and may not require a licence. Read through the manual instructions and you will be able to set up your unit in a matter of minutes. What is great about using drones is that you can do it solo, without any assistance from a pilot or other people. You have discretion over where the drone's direction and which shots and footage it should capture and record. Though practice would hone your drone-flying skills, setting it up is something you can learn quickly. Once you get the hang of drone videography, you can produce as many quality videos as you want, at your own pace.


Drones come in a variety of brands and models that suit every budget. Buyers who cannot afford advanced drones have the option to purchase cheaper models that, despite the price, can still get the work done. The quality may not be the same as those manufactured by top drone brands like DJI, Ryze and Parrot, but they can at least perform basic drone camera 4k videography and photography. Leading manufacturers also offer cheaper variants for users who are new to drone videography. Tello, Spark, Mini SE and Mavic Air are small-sized models from DJI usually recommended for beginners and budget-conscious drone users.

Uninterrupted Filming

Compared to regular filming where you have to mind your surroundings and make sure you are not disrupting anything or anyone, drone videography provides a smoother filming environment. You can capture videos stealthily, such as when you want to film wildlife. A high-powered drone lets you record the daily activities of animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them or scaring them away. Filming an event from a high location also keeps the camera safe from getting bumped into or being accidentally knocked over. Moreover, newer drone models make little noise when flying through the air, allowing activities to proceed with minimal interruptions.

Flying Drone Camera in Australia

Drones have come a long way since their helicopter days. They have made a big difference in the filming and photography industries while also contributing to the progress of business sectors. This innovative machine has paved the way for more digital creatives, from YouTube vloggers to online marketers. Flying a drone camera is a lifestyle as much as a business strategy. In Australia, you can buy drones at affordable rates from trusted tech stores. Here at Wireless 1, we can recommend some of the best drones for your needs. Visit and explore our website today to view bestseller drones from top manufacturers.

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