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JBL Reflect Flow Pro True Wireless Stereo : Review

JBL Reflect Flow Pro True Wireless Stereo : Review

Only a handful of models in JBL's wireless earbuds collection truly stand out and deliver, exceeding the reputation of their brand and carving a name for themselves within their target demographics. The JBL Reflect Flow Pro is one such model. Not only does it live up to the power of its name, but it does so with active noise-cancelling as its trump card. Mix in a little ambient mode that helps users discern external noise in the surroundings from the sounds you are listening to, and you get top quality, holistic wire-free earbuds that offer both safety and convenience.

Gym enthusiasts will benefit greatly from this pair of earbuds' safety aspect. JBL has decades of experience and enough data compiled to know what sporty users are likely to enjoy in an ear companion while engaged in physically challenging activities. It was for this reason that the first version of JBL Reflect Flow (not the current Pro model) was such a landmark budget headphone when it launched. Will this premium, more updated version live up to its hype in a competitive headphone market? JBL Reflect Flow Pro box

General Overview

At its best, this pair of wireless earbuds boasts a battery life of 30 hours provided active noise cancellation is switched off. Each bud can last 10 hours but gain 20 more hours of leverage every time you place them back inside the case. They are also waterproof with an IP68 rating. The unit is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

Structure and Design

Built with durability in mind, the earbuds have enough flourishes and measures that ensure they stick into your ears and last for a long time. Thank to its IP68 rating, proof of water and dust resistance, the earbuds are able to cling into your ears' crevices and may even survive metre-deep water immersion. Experts have already conducted experiments, affirming the written claims match actual practice. For a long-time player in the sound and audio industry, it is not surprising for JBL to produce another model with a practical, ergonomic design.

Earbud Size and Fit

Compared to other earbuds of the same build or category, the Reflect Flow Pro earbuds look bigger and more bulbous. Some may say it is less discreet than the types competitors came up with and JBL's previous earbud models. But just a look at the oval carry case would tell you that the manufacturers' priorities were clear when they built this model: maximum functionality. The goal was to stand the test of time over aesthetics. This is why putting the buds in your ears feel more natural and non-obtrusive as their secure and lightweight build keeps the fit firm even in the face of moisture caused by sweat or rain.

Convenient Features

This pair of earbuds makes everything convenient for the user. To know which eartip size suits you best, just run a test on the JBL Headphones App, which will help you find one with the least sound leakage. You can customise touch controls through the companion app, so you can activate taps or hold-presses on whichever side of the earbuds control, switch ANC modes, adjust volumes, skip tracks and a lot more. If you have your own EQ adjustments, would like to experiment on three presets, or switch through multiples modes (e.g. noise-cancellation, ambient mode, Talk-Thru), tweaking connected apps will help you get things done at your own place, in your own way. For starters, the Talk-Thru mode reduces music volume designed to heighten user awareness, so they can converse with the buds still hooked on their ears.

Sound Quality

While everyone knows of JBL's reputation in the sound and music industries, the Reflect Flow Pro's performance in the sound department is further proof of their manufacturer's prestige. Some regard it as sports earbuds, which tend to have other features not commonly found among regular models, it is not a surprise if many would expect them to have an edge over common headphones. Regardless, with ANC and ambient alone, one can expect an entertaining and detailed finish. And the Reflect Flow Pro delivers just that plus more. In fact, in one study, experts have discovered it is one of the more neutral sounding sports earbuds in the market, providing low frequencies, balanced bass, a prominent treble, and overall fast but upbeat qualities that make it a distinctive audio device.

Where to Buy the JBL Reflect Flow Pro

Depending on your need, the JBL Reflect Flow Pro may or may not be at the top of your wishlist. In this case you may want to consider the JBL Reflect Mini NC Noise cancelling wireless headphones. We also offer discounts and FREE SHIPPING for all orders above $200. Visit Wireless1 today to view a wide range of JBL products and other audio devices from top brands.

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