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Outdoor Power Solutions

Using the Great Outdoors to Make Life Cleaner and Easier

Here at Wireless 1, we stock a range of outdoor power units that offer various power solutions that open up new horizons for people that love the outdoors.

Welcome to the outdoor market. We stock a range of options that can be unique in their own way and fit right into what you are looking for. Outdoor power equipment parts & accessories are one of our specialities. We'll explain various situations where these items can be an absolute gem of a find. We stock only the finest outdoor power equipment sets that more than do the job!

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  1. EcoFlow Mobile Power Station Delta Max 2000 DELTA2000-AU

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  2. EcoFlow River Pro 600W 720Wh Solar Portable Power Station

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    Special Price $1,249.00 Regular Price $1,399.00
  3. Ecoflow 160W Foldable Solar Panel EFSOLAR160W

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    Special Price $529.00 Regular Price $599.00
  4. EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station 1400W/882Wh 73.5Ah 12V - DELTAMini-AU

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    Special Price $1,599.00 Regular Price $1,768.75
  5. EcoFlow River 600W 288Wh Extra Battery

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  6. EcoFlow Delta 1300 1800W 1260Wh Solar Portable Power Station

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  7. Ecoflow Delta Max 1600 Portable Power Station DELTAMax1600-AU

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  8. EcoFlow River 600W 288Wh Solar Portable Power Station EF4

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  9. EcoFlow River Pro 600W 720Wh Extra Battery

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    Special Price $649.00 Regular Price $749.00
  10. Ecoflow DELTA Max Extra Battery DELTA2000EB-US

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  11. EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

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  12. EcoFlow Mobile Power Station DELTA Pro Extra Battery

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  13. EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Solar Panel

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There are different ranges for differing needs. So the spec influences the price depending on your requirement.

The Home. Having emergency power for your home should not be overlooked. So having extra batteries that are compatible with keeping essential devices functioning in any emergency is more than helpful.

Some of our backups can go up to as much as 3400W and charge up to 80% of their batteries in less than 90 minutes!

Solar. Many units come with solar panels, ideal at home but useful in other areas. Many come with high-efficiency ratings. If you plan to live off-grid for any time, you should check them out.

Flexibility. Some models have fold-out adjustable panels that still have the rigidity of solid home-attached panels. However, given their flexibility, you can maximise their time in the sun, which is ideal for outdoor use.

Outdoors. These are extremely useful companions for people looking to be off-grid, camping or taking long road journeys. With a mostly lightweight design, they are easily transported and come with built-in shoulder straps in some cases. Many models protect against dirt, water, and general debris; some have IP waterproof ratings.

Solar Power Solutions

There are many reasons to turn to a foldable solar panel for outdoor power solutions.

If you own an RV and have had a bad experience in the past with battery problems or If you go camping, these batteries and solar panels can open up a whole new experience, such as solar-powered outdoor lights, applicable to the garden too.

Also, these are ideal for mobile homeowners who use outdoor power equipment for various reasons. We stock the Ecoflow 110W solar panel, which does not require an outside power source.

Most of these solutions are small enough to fit in your luggage, so it's the ideal off-grid fix for power backup. High conversion efficiency with a fast charge is the key.

Portable Power Solutions

Suppose you will be spending considerable time away from your household AC outlets. In that case, portable power solutions are the ticket. Battery-powered outdoor lights are extremely useful, and no need to mention how handy these units are in an emergency. Having a portable outdoor power box to re-energise your household electronics and other small appliances while on the road or camping gives another dimension to your trip.

With their recent growth in popularity comes more options on the market for more outdoor situations, and our selection is extensive, so there should be a fit for everyone.

Backup Power Solutions

A battery backup solution for your home is an excellent alternative to suffering during a blackout or having a technical issue within your home.

With a varied range of batteries on the market, it is easy to find one that will suit your needs. They can be useful whether you have an apartment or a large home with more appliances and outdoor power points.

With the vast development in the technology behind these units, they have quickly made alternatives such as propane or gasoline-powered generators unattractive and more expensive in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the best way to get the most out of a battery?

Ensure you keep your battery at temperatures between 20–30°C and away from heat and water (although many products have IP water-resistant ratings), and ensure that it is not lower than −10°C at any time.

If you plan on storing your battery for any time, make sure you charge it every 3 months.

Can you charge a portable battery while using it?

Most of the top brands in the market have this feature. The Ecoflow Delta range especially. With that range, you can charge and discharge while in your vehicle or using solar panels. However, if the batter is very low, this is not advisable. As the power coming will likely be less than the output, and the battery continues to drain, you want to avoid any damage.

What to look out for if the battery is not charging normally?

Check to ensure the temperature is not too high or too low. If either scenario applies, let the battery warm-up or cool down.

Check your temperatures, turn off the machine to stop charging, and let the machine adjust to the change for some time. Once you feel it is in the parameters of the first question's answer, try to recharge.

What electrical appliances are generally supported?

Most household appliances are covered, including your standard outdoor power point or outdoor power board. Many support a range of 1800W or higher. You can calculate using the W=U*I formula (your rated voltage x the rated current). Start-up and continuous power can differ with different brands, so check your manual for more detailed information.

Here at Wireless 1, if you are looking for a companion for power cuts, a road trip, a mobile home, RV, or a camping trip, then check out our range of options today; you won't be disappointed!

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