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Storage with Form Factor: M.2; Condition: New; Manufacturer: Corsair

We all need some kind of extra storage at some point. Whether it be extra storage for our computers, an SD card for our phones or camera, maybe you’re just after a portable hard drive you can take around with you. Whatever you need in terms of storage for an electrical device, Wireless 1 has it!

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  1. Corsair MP600 Core Mini 1TB Gen4 e x4 NVMe M.2 SSD [CSSD-F1000GBMP600CMN]

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HDD? Try an SSD

Hard drives (HDDs) are used everywhere, computers, laptops, camera systems, NAS devices and a whole bunch of other applications. However, there’s a much newer format which is a Solid State Drive (SSD). An SSD on average, is 5 x faster than your average HDD in most cases. This means it will load everything much faster than what an HDD could. From booting up your PC, to loading games, to handling intensive programs and apps, an SSD help will help in every way.

Convert your internal HDD/SSD into a portable one!

Portable HDDs and SSDs can get fairly expensive depending on the model you choose to go for. However, their internal counterparts are usually much cheaper than them. So you may want to opt for a hard drive enclosure. What it is, is a small box with a USB cable and internally has a SATA connector, which you can place the HDD/SSD in and connect to it. You can then use it as a normal USB drive. Alternatively, these enclosures are fantastic for moving all your data from an older HDD/SSD to a newer one.

Protect your data with a fingerprint

Data in many cases can be private and sensitive, so you don’t want people snooping through your HDD/SSD that you left on your desk while you headed out to lunch. Instead, secure it with a fingerprint with a portable HDD/SSD from Samsung such as the T7 Touch. It allows you to sync your fingerprint to the fingerprint reader on the actual HDD/SSD itself. Simply set it up and whenever you want to access it, touch your finger onto it and you’ll be able to gain immediate access. This is also fantastic for people who are on business trips and in the unfortunate case, either forget it somewhere or lose it. Having a fingerprint sensor with it, no one will be able to access the device keeping your files and data secure.

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