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The Need for Speed!

Here at Wireless 1, we have you covered if you feel the need for speed. We stock a range of the FASTEST RC Cars in the world! These fantastic machines move as fast out of stock as they do on the road. They have become a phenomenon. Let's take a closer look.

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Traxxas Tech

The world's fastest radio-controlled car, and when we say fastest, yes, up to 112 km/h fast!

Traxxas remote control cars are now known as 'The Fastest Name in Radio Control®', which applies to their cars and trucks. They come fully assembled and race-ready.

Multiple models exceed 80 km/h, and others clock between 96-112 km/h in addition to superb performance and handling.

Battery Power at its best

Created by Traxxas. Power Cell LiPo Batteries and Velineon Brushless Technology are the most potent on the market. Traxxas developed Velineon's brushless motor technology. When you are looking to increase speed from, let's say, 48 to 96 km/h, this isn't done by doubling the power application. Aerodynamic drag plays a significant role, with each extra km/h needing additional power.

Compared to others in the market, the brushless motors increase horsepower with higher rpm and superior durability and efficiency.

Traxxas developed and manufactured the Power Cell LiPo battery to deliver such high-powered performance. High-current connectors through lithium-polymer cells and Maxx cable wires provide turbo-charged performance.

Traxxas RC cars don't certify any other battery to adhere to the speed and performance ratings of both cars and trucks, so although you hear this from many other manufacturers, it especially applies to Traxxas!

High-Speed Control and Stability Management

Traxxas has done a premium job replicating the stability control of their machines to mimic full-size supercars. A Traxxas RC car is more than just a good present for the young ones in the family. You might find the older generation sneaking out of the garage for a few hours with one.

The TSM System. Traxxas Stability Management® has cleverly integrated advanced sensors into their receivers, helping to reduce spins and enhance control even on loose and slippery surfaces.

TSM changes the game when it comes to straight-line speed. It enables you to squeeze more speed from your machine. In addition, it is built-in; therefore, it does not need programming or any setup.

The advanced technology communicates your steering adjustments and commands to the literal altitude and your direction to adjust every millisecond for continued control. TSM's unique manufacturing leaves you wondering how you can go faster with more control - You just do! However, for those who think they can beat TSM, you can switch off your transmitter, go it alone, and fine-tune your skills.

Some of the Traxxas Australia Range:

Each model has unique features for different purposes, so when searching our stock, be sure to click and read each car or truck's individual spec to see what it brings to the table. At the current time, the Traxxas Xmaxx offers the most hi-tech spec.

Traxxas models come with TSM, are Velineon powered and have waterproof electronics to ensure a puddle here or there doesn't spoil your fun! The fun part of Traxxas is that there's a different model for every terrain to suit your driving style and where you live.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When buying a Traxxas, do I need to buy anything else?

You will need batteries for receivers on models; standard 4 ‘AA’. Traxxas models are already assembled and good to go. Many features, such as TSM, are already programmed and don't require setup. This is why Traxxas is the preferred model for many people around the country.


Top Fuel Power Plus has been specifically formulated for the Nitro versions to get the best performance from the Traxxas engines. Please click the link for more information.

How fast can a Traxxas model go?

Currently, eighteen models can exceed 80 km/h. The faster models regularly exceed 96, 104, and 112 km/h. Outstanding performance, handling, and balance are expected in every model. The fastest Traxxas is the famous XO-1. It is the only RC car in the world to have clocked over 160 km/h. However, they are not mass-produced.

What is the best Traxxas for beginners?

Traxxas Rustler 4x4 Stadium Truck

The Traxxas Rustler 4x4 Stadium Truck is ideal for beginners who aren't afraid of speed. It has a powerful Titan 12T 550 motor, an internal cooling fan, and a high-performance waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control.

How do I keep my Traxxas engine cool?


Some Traxxas models come with an internal cooling fan with some of their motors. But additional ventilation you can do yourself. You can rearrange the body to increase airflow. If you're experiencing any issues (albeit unlikely), ensure any components aren't blocking the motor's airflow if you have a heavy bump.

Here at Wireless 1, we aim to stock as many RC cars Traxxas produces for different terrains and purposes as possible. So please look at our selection and feel the need for speed!

available in Bankstown, Bondi Beach, Central business district, Chatswood, Cronulla, Liverpool, Manly, Milsons Point, Mosman, Newtown, Parramatta and more...

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