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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter | 360° Triple Layer Filter | True HEPA Filter | 99.97% Filtration Efficiency
Product Description

Product Description

Mi Air Purifier Filter HEPA


360 Degree Triple Layer filtration
True HEPA Filter with filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particle size up to 0.3 microns
Primary filter to filter out large particles
Activated Carbon filter removes formaldehyde, odour, TVOC and more

360 Degree Integrated Triple-Layer Filter

The 360° cylindrical filter is designed for maximum intake. The triple layer filter uses a primary filter, H13-grade True HEPA Filter and activated carbon filter to remove dust, odours and other respirable particles. 

RFID Tagging

A unique tag on every filter

Mi Air Purifier FIlter uses an RFID electronic tag reader to recognise genuine filters. Each filter comes with its own unique ID.

Primary Filter

Filters out large particles and floating matter, such as:

Dust and condensed fumes

Particles, such as paper, wood and other tiny particles.

Floccules - plant fibres such as pollen and cotton.

Hair - Human and Animal Hair.

Made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the outer layer has a high flexural strength and is resistant to folding, grease, fats, acids, alkalis and most solvents. The cylindrical shape provides 360° filtration of dust, hair and other larger floating particles. 

True HEPA Filter

Filters out respirable particles

Mi Air Purifier uses an ultra-dense True HEPA filter to trap PM 2.5, PM 0.3 and other respirable particles, allowing only clean air to pass through. 

Activated Carbon Filter

Filters out formaldehyde, odour and more

Bathroom chemicals, domestic waste, renovation work.

Filter Replacement is a Breeze - Change Filters in 10 Seconds

Typical air purifiers require you to change filter layer layer. Mi Air Purifier simplifies this by integrating all two layers. Simply pull out, and push in. It's that easy. 


Additional Information

Product SKU XIA00010
Model 24738
Condition New
Connection See Description
Colour See Description

Brand Xiaomi
Product Model M8R - FLH
Colour Black
Dimensions 18 x 19 x 29mm
Weight 1.24kg
Compatible Air Purifier 2 / Air Purifier 2S / Air Purifier 2C / Air Purifier 3
Layers of Filtration 3 Layers ( Primary , Activated Carbon and True HEPA filter)

Warranty 1 Year Warranty