Xiro Xplorer V Drone with Remote Control and Bonus Smart Battery

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Xiro Xplorer V Drone | 1080P30 Video Recording | 14MP Camera | 3 Flight Levels | Follow Me Function | Auto-return home | Auto-return takeoff/landing | Controller Included and Bonus Battery
Product Description

Product Description


Experience the future with XIRO's unmatched flight control
Regardless your flying experience you can have full control over the flight and truly enjoy it.

Its distinctive shape increases stability in air
The smart flight control system enables unprecedented control experience and allows users to truly enjoy their flight

GPS assisted hovering, accurate and reassuring
Flying has never been easier thanks to the smart flight assistance and auto-hovering functions. Combined with its one-click auto takeoff/landing function, you experience a safe and enjoyable flight.

Built-in mini computer, innovative and safer
Centrally positioned, the X-shaped module with its built-in high-precision sensors and IMU chip, effectively reduces the vibrations experienced during flight and enhances the safety of the drone.

Longer lifespan, improved quality
The 5200mAh replaceable lithium polymer smart-flight battery provides up to 19 minutes flight time. Thanks to its smart control technology, the remote control vibrates when the battery level gets low to give you early alerts.

Become a pro with this easy-to-use yet professional technology
The advanced 3-axis stabilized gimbal technology allows you to work like a professional. The XPLORER V/G gimbal will eliminate vibrations caused by the wind or manoeuvre of the drone. The built-in video transmission shows a live preview to ensure a controlled and safe flight.

Smart control and excellent grip
Compact and intuitive handling with comfortable tactile silicon and vibration signals make this remote control very convenient

Choose your level and fly with confidence
There are 3 flight mode levels to accommodate you and two scroll wheels to adjust the angle of your camera as well as the brightness of the lamps

Continuous feedback to ensure the flight safety
During each flight four led indicators give you feedback about the flight status of your drone. Together with the three easy-access buttons for auto takeoff/landing, return home and Intelligent Orientation Control, you will experience an easy and relaxed flight.

All four transmitter modes are supported
Experienced remote control pilots can also select the transmitter mode of their preference.

Enjoy the beauty of the sky thanks to the on-screen live preview
The mobile device holder is retractable and holds mobile devices of up to 5.5 inch. With the separate Wi-Fi you can enjoy fluent real-time previews of your recordings.

Futuristic design that breaks tradition
Distinctive shape that combines strength and beauty with advanced technology and industrial aesthetics.

Intelligent remote control, experience the future
The Xplorer is ready for future upgrades, has a more advanced flight control system and enables better real-time flight experiences.

Key Features

Ultimate kits includes:
3-Axis Gimbal
1080p Action Camera

Drone flight modes: "Follow ME", "Circle Me", "Return Home" modes

19 Minute flight time with Gimbal (25 minutes without Gimbal)

8 m/s speed

120m Height

350mm Diagonal motor

35 Degree max tilt angle

200 Degree height

+0.5M Vertical Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode)

+1.5M Horizontal Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode)

5200mAh Battery


*Phone not included


Additional Information

Product SKU XIR00004
Condition New

Weight 1,220 grams
Body Material Carbon Fiber
Rotor Material Carbon Fiber
Motor Type Brushless
Battery Capacity 5,200mAh
Battery Type Lithium Polymer 3S
Battery Power 11.1 V
Camera 14MP
Video Resolution 1080p
Operating Range 500meters
Controller Frequency 5.8GHz
Minimum Operating System Compatibility iOS 8.0 & android 4.4

Device Type - Camera Drones

Drone Type - Air

Drone Camera Type - Built-in Video Camera

Movie Recording - Full HD

Wi-Fi - Yes

GPS - True

Battery Life - Up to 25 Minutes

Manufacturer's Warranty - 1 Year

Warranty 1 Year Warranty