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AORUS Laptop

With Aorus gaming laptops, you won’t just be playing your favourite games - you’ll look great doing it! These sleek designs feature a slim profile, elegant finish and stunning RGB backlit keyboard that will have heads turning. Plus, the signature logo on the lid adds an extra touch of sophistication to take your experience from good to grandeur.

High-Performance Processor

With an Aorus laptop, no matter the task- gaming or multitasking –you can be sure that your experience is nothing short of lightning fast and intelligent. Powered by Intel and AMD’s latest processors, these powerful machines provide unbeatable performance so you can play games with ease AND run multiple applications all at once - without ever experiencing lagging!

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  1. Gigabyte AORUS 17X AZF-B5AU665SP 17.3in QHD 240Hz i9-13900HX RTX4090 32G 2T Win11 Pro Gaming Laptop

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  2. Gigabyte AORUS 5 NA-7AU1130SH 15.6in 144Hz FHD i7-9750H 16GB 512GB GTX1650 Gaming Laptop

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  3. Gigabyte AORUS 15 240Hz 15.6" i9-10980HK RTX2080 Super 32GB 512GB Gaming Laptop

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  4. Gigabyte AORUS 15 240Hz 15.6" i7-10875H RTX2080 Super 16GB 512GB Gaming Laptop

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  5. Gigabyte AORUS 15 240Hz 15.6" i7-10875H RTX2070 16GB 512GB Gaming Laptop

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  6. Gigabyte AORUS 15 240Hz 15.6" i7-10875H RTX2060 16GB 512GB Gaming Laptop

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  7. Gigabyte AORUS 17X 240Hz 17.3" i9-10980HK RTX2080 Super 32GB 1TB Gaming Laptop

    Backorder Available
  8. Gigabyte AORUS 17X 240Hz 17.3" i7-10875H RTX2070 Super 16GB 1TB Gaming Laptop

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  9. Gigabyte AORUS 17X AZF-C5AU665SP 17.3in QHD 240Hz i9-13950HX RTX4090 32G 2T Win11 Pro Gaming Laptop

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  10. Gigabyte AORUS 17 BKF-73AU254SH 17.3in FHD 144Hz i7-13700H RTX4060 16G 1T Gaming Laptop

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  11. Gigabyte AORUS 15 BKF-73AU754SH 15.6in QHD 165Hz i7-13700H RTX4060 16G 1T Gaming Laptop

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High-Quality Display

An Aorus laptop takes visual experiences to the next level - treat your eyes to beautiful displays featuring breathtakingly high refresh rates, quick response times for a seamless gaming experience, and precise colour accuracy for vibrant streaming visuals. Immerse yourself in every moment with an unforgettable display!

Powerful Graphics

Get ready for a wild ride with Aorus laptops! Their high-powered graphics cards can handle the most action-packed gaming sessions and resource intensive projects - made just for content creators. Performance is smooth, seamless, and sure to make you scream “game on!”

Advanced Cooling System

If you’re looking to game hard without overheating or being bogged down by loud fan noise, look no further than Aorus laptops. Featuring a powerful cooling system with multiple heat pipes, fans and vents working in perfect harmony — your gaming sessions will stay chill (in both senses of the word).

Customisable RGB Lighting

Liven up your gaming setup with Aorus laptops’ customisable RGB lighting. Express yourself through a wide selection of colours and effects, ranging from subtle to vibrant - all designed to give you the stylish edge in any environment!

Exceptional Audio Quality

Get ready to experience games and music in a whole new way with Aorus laptops! These feature high-quality speakers that put you right into the gaming scene or groove, delivering clear and crisp sound for your entertainment pleasure.

Expandable Storage

The Aorus laptop lets you expand your storage in a flash! With multiple bays that are compatible with both SSDs and HDDs, it’s never been easier to give yourself more space for all the things you want to save. So whether your needs grow over time or suddenly skyrocket - this powerful machine has got you covered!

Long Battery Life

With Aorus laptops, gaming and working on the go is hassle-free. These powerful machines come with high-capacity batteries that let you stay productive for hours without needing to worry about recharging - perfect when your day requires more than one destination!

User-Friendly Software

With Aorus laptops, you’re always in charge of your gaming experience! The intuitive software lets you take control with simple and efficient customisation capabilities. Tweak fan speed, RGB lighting modes or performance levels -all from the comfort of your laptop- to make sure that every session is tailored for optimal enjoyment.


What is Aorus?

Aorus is your go-to for all things gaming. From powerful laptops to cutting-edge accessories, Gigabyte Technology has the ultimate tools and technology necessary for any serious gamer on their quest towards victory!

What are the key features of Aorus laptops?

Get the best of both worlds - power and style! Aorus laptops rock a sleek design, reliable processing speed with high-quality visuals, powerful graphics cards ideal for gaming or creative content production.

Are Aorus laptops good for gaming?

Aorus laptops may be the ultimate gaming accessory. They provide gamers with unbeatable performance and features to ensure seamless, cutting-edge gameplay!

What types of games can Aorus laptops handle?

Aorus laptops are the ultimate gaming rigs! With these machines you can step into epic battles with titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Apex Legends or create stunning content using top-of-the line applications. Go ahead – let your imagination run wild!

Can I upgrade the components on my Aorus laptop?

Get the most out of your Aorus laptop - upgrade its RAM and storage for better performance, or go a step further to give it an even bigger boost with new graphics card. In no time, you’ll be taking full advantage of what this machine can do!

How long does the battery last on Aorus laptops?

Aorus laptops keep the party going with their powerful batteries, enabling several hours of fun on one charge - no matter how much you use your device!

What kind of warranty comes with Aorus laptops?

Get the best in laptop hardware and software with an Aorus! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is covered by a reliable one-year warranty. You can also maximise its support power through extended warranties to make sure you’re always ready for the computing journey ahead.

What is the price range for Aorus laptops?

Aorus laptops are the ultimate gaming laptop experience. For those who want to take their online gaming prowess to stratospheric levels, look no further - these state-of-the art machines start at around $1,500 and can go up as high as a whopping $4K for top of the line set ups!

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