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TVs for most households is their main source of entertainment. Whether they be watching standard television, cable, streaming, gaming and many other applications. Wireless 1 brings you a wide range of makes and models of TVs. Whether you’re looking for a smart TV that will allow you to surf the internet and stream directly from it, a big format TV for all your family to use or even if you want a TV that supports 8K content, Wireless 1 has that too! Check out our range below.

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  1. LG 65UR640S 65 4K UHD 16/7 400nit Commercial TV

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    Special Price $1,024.22 Regular Price $1,167.50
  2. LG 75UR640S 75 4K UHD 16/7 330Nit Commercial TV

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    Special Price $1,390.89 Regular Price $1,542.50
  3. Samsung QE50T 50 4K UHD 16/7 300nit Commercial Display[LH50QETELGCXXY]

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    Special Price $804.05 Regular Price $942.32
  4. LG 55UR640S 55 4K UHD 16/7 400nit Commercial TV

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    Special Price $828.67 Regular Price $967.50
  5. LG Commercial Hotel UR765H 75in UHD LED PRO CENTRIC TV [75UR765H]

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  6. Samsung 65-inch QN900A Neo 8K QLED Smart TV QA65QN900AWXXY

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    Special Price $6,299.00 Regular Price $6,495.00
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120Hz screens for your PS5 or Xbox Series X/S

While 120Hz gaming has been on PCs as a regular thing for many years, it’s only recently come to the new generation of consoles that allow you to play certain games at up to 4K @ 120FPS, which is unheard of in the console world! However, to achieve that you’ll need a TV or monitor that would support it. Since the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S use HDMI, you’ll need a TV or monitor that supports at least 120Hz and as well as HDMI 2.1. If you do find something with 120Hz but has HDMI 1.4. that will not work, since HDMI 1.4 can only output up to 4K @ 60Hz, HDMI 2.1 is what you’re after and here at Wireless 1 we have many TVs and monitors that will support that.

Get ready for 8K content

The next big scale resolution has arrived on TVs! 8K resolution (2 x better than 4K resolution) provides you with unmatched high-resolution images that will put you in awe! 8K content at the moment is far and few in between, mostly you’ll find videos of landscapes that support 8K since at the moment since it’s such as new format. In saying that, as more technologies adopt and support 8K resolution more content will become available in the near future, from games, to TV shows, to movies. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how crisp and clear 8K resolution is even compared to 4K. So futureproof yourself right now with an 8K TV!

What is HDR?

HDR stands for “High dynamic range”, which in short, makes your images look absolutely spectacular. When viewing HDR content, whether it be a movie, TV show, game, Blu-ray, etc, HDR improves on all aspects of your image colour, from the blacks to even the lightest colours. It increases contrast across every single pixel, making colours seem brighter, vivid and better saturated. It allows for the blacks to be very deep which also in turn makes images look much richer. Smaller highlights such as the sun reflecting off surfaces is exaggerated to make the images look at lot more life-like than your standard TV without HDR.

Add a Soundbar to your TV for even better listening experience

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