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Power with Manufacturer: EcoFlow

All kinds of power suppliers available here at Wireless 1! Whether you’re looking for a solar power solution, or a plug-in battery solution, we have it all. Portable power is essential for all kinds of travel. A portable power station will allow you to power multiple devices at once, whether it be to charge your phone, your laptop, or even a kettle, you can do that! Take it with you on a camping trip and power the devices you need. Need something just for your phone? Too easy. Pick yourself up a portable power bank, charge it up and you’re ready to go!

Portable power stations

Portable power stations are fantastic solutions for everyday life while travelling. They allow you to plug in multiple devices into it that are either USB or have a standard AU plug. On camping trips you can take that with you to power all the devices you need, whether it be a laptop, a camera, a kettle, an electric frying pan, whatever it is, you’ll be able to power it with a portable power station from Ecoflow.

Some models also support solar charging, so you can simply set it up in the sun while you go about your day for it to charge the power station up. This is an extremely handy tool not only for people who love the outdoors, but professionals such as photographers who need special flash units out on the field, which usually require them be plugged into a wall. While on the field, a portable power station like this would be the perfect solution to power any devices, off the grid.

Never run out of phone battery

Smartphones without a doubt drain a lot of battery if they have constant use. While smartphone batteries do get better every day, most won’t last you a full day with constant use. To counter this, you should always keep a portable power bank with you. Not only will it keep your phone charged whenever you need a bit of extra battery life, but you can also charge other USB devices in them such as Bluetooth headphones if needed.

Some models also support wireless charging, so if your devices support it, you can just simply pop the device onto the power bank and start charging from it as if it were a wireless charging pad.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

A UPS is a massive an extremely handy tool. Not only will you be able to power many devices through them, but they can also serve you as a backup power supplier for crucial loads if ever you were to encounter a blackout or loss of power in the area, which will kick in as soon as there’s no power running to the device.

Anything from a brief blackout to a full power failure, a UPS is essential for those critical devices you need to keep up and running. This is highly recommended for anyone running a server in their home or business. You’ll never want that to be down and these devices can help you do exactly that.

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  1. Ecoflow Delta Max 1600 Portable Power Station DELTAMax1600-AU

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  2. Ecoflow Smart Generator

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  3. EcoFlow Mobile Power Station Delta Max 2000 DELTA2000-AU

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  4. EcoFlow River 600W 288Wh Extra Battery

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  5. Ecoflow 400W Foldable Solar Panel

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  6. EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3600Wh Portable Power Station

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  7. Ecoflow 160W Foldable Solar Panel EFSOLAR160W

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  8. EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Solar Panel

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  9. EcoFlow River Pro 600W 720Wh Extra Battery

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  10. Ecoflow DELTA Max Extra Battery DELTA2000EB-US

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  11. EcoFlow River 2 Portable Power Station 300W AC output 256Wh Capacity

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  12. EcoFlow River 600W 288Wh Solar Portable Power Station EF4

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