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Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone: Why?

A wireless microphone is the perfect solution for any situation when you want to keep your performances or presentations unrestricted by wires. With a variety of transmission options, they use advanced technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi and RF signals to transport audio straight from one device into sound systems or recording devices — letting speakers roam freely while still delivering crystal clear quality!

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  1. Rode Wireless GO II Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

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  2. Rode Wireless PRO Dual-Channel Compact Wireless Microphone System WIPRO

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  3. Rode Wireless ME Ultra-Compact Wireless Microphone System (WIME)

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  4. Rode Wireless GO II Wireless Microphone and Charging Case Bundle

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  5. Rode Wireless GO II Single Set Wireless Microphone System

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  6. Saramonic BlinkGo U1 Kit USB-C 2.4GHz Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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    Special Price $109.00 Regular Price $119.00
  7. Saramonic Blink500 B2 2.4GHz Wireless Clip-On Microphone System (TX+TX+RX)

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  8. Rode Wireless GO II 2-Person Wireless Microphone and Lavalier Kit

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  9. Saramonic BlinkGo D1 Kit Lightning 2.4GHz Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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  10. Saramonic BlinkGo D2 Lightning 2.4GHz Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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  11. Saramonic Blink500 B1 2.4GHz Wireless Clip-On Microphone System (TX+RX)

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  12. Saramonic Blink500 B6 2.4GHz Wireless Clip-On Microphone System USB-C

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  13. Saramonic Blink900 B2 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System

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  14. Saramonic BlinkGo U2 Kit USB-C 2.4GHz Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System

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Wireless Microphone: Mobility and Flexibility

Say goodbye to being tethered - with a wireless microphone, you can let go of all those pesky cables and take center stage! Unleash your full potential by engaging more dynamically with your audience while adding energy and excitement to any performance. Now that’s freedom!

Wireless Microphone: Convenience

A wireless microphone will give you the convenience and freedom to worry less about tripping or tangling – giving your performance a confident, cable-free edge! Plus, they’re amazingly easy to set up so you can focus on delivering an engaging presentation that packs all the punch.

Wireless Microphone: Sound Quality

Don’t be confined to the stage with a wireless microphone! You can move freely in any direction and your audience will remain crystal clear on every word. No more worrying about signal loss or low sound quality - just high-quality audio all around as you take centerstage.

Wireless Microphone: Durability

A wireless microphone is the perfect choice for any performance or event, no matter how challenging their conditions may be. Durability and ruggedness come as standard with a wireless microphone - so you can happily take yours away from your cozy studio knowing it’ll survive anything nature throws at it!

Wireless Microphone: Battery Life

With wireless microphone technology, you can enjoy uninterrupted performances and presentations. Many models boast battery life of many hours on just one charge - so now when you step up to the mic, your only worry is bringing down the house!

Wireless Microphone: Cost Effective

Want to save yourself a tangle of cords and still get great sound? Then a wireless microphone is the perfect solution. Taking cue from modern technology, users can rock their audio quality without breaking the bank as there’s a variety of models available at different prices that make for an ideal purchase - all while not losing out on any benefits!

Wireless Microphone: Compatibility

Now, you can say goodbye to troublesome cords and wires! A wireless microphone is your perfect companions when it comes to bringing audio or video content on the go. Whether it’s recording a presentation, an interview or something more creative - smartphones, tablets and laptops now have one less barrier standing in their way.


What is the range of a wireless microphone?

Whether you are hosting a speaking event or producing an audio recording, the range of your wireless microphone should be top consideration. While many models offer up to 100 metres coverage and beyond, double-check their specs so that you can rest assured it will meet all your needs - no matter how far away!

Is a wireless microphone difficult to set up?

Setting up a wireless microphone - no sweat! Most models come with instructions and many even have fantastic automatic features to make setup hassle-free. So, don’t worry yourself about going through the motions – it should be smooth sailing all the way!

Does a wireless microphone suffer from signal interference?

Many wireless microphone models today use special technology that helps them avoid interference and even allow you to pick the clearest frequency for optimum performance - so your sound always comes through loud and clear without disruption.

Can I use a wireless microphone for recording audio or video?

For sure! Get your content recorded in no time with the convenience of a wireless microphone! With an array of output options, such as USB, XLR, and 3.5mm jacks - you can connect to a recording device for studio-quality sound without the fuss or hassle of wearing wires.

Is a wireless microphone more expensive than a wired microphone?

If you’re looking to take your recordings to the next level, investing in a wireless microphone is an excellent choice. Whilst they can be more expensive than their wired counterparts, but they are more convenient and often more capable, and the increased mobility means that those magical moments on stage won’t be hampered by cumbersome cables!

How long does the battery life of a wireless microphone last?

Whether you need a wireless microphone for your podcast, livestream or virtual event, make sure to do your research. Different models of mics have various battery lives - some may even last several hours on one charge! Know what type of performance you demand and check the specs before deciding which model is right for you.

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