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Kitchen Appliances

Making Life in the Kitchen Easy

Here at Wireless 1, we provide premium kitchen appliance options for our customers. We stock some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure people who have a busy life can rely on a helping hand in the morning and after work in the kitchen. Not to mention can save even more time buying kitchen appliances online.

Kitchen appliances is a broad term covering many machines that do many things in your kitchen. Electric kitchen appliances come in many shapes and forms, from small kitchen appliances to restaurants and industrial-sized solutions.

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  1. Midea Instant Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser with Filter 2100W - MJR001T

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  2. Midea 10-Cups 1.8L Digital Rice Cooker with LED Touch Control - MB-FS5021W

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    Special Price $139.90 Regular Price $159.90
  3. Midea 4L Air Fryer 1500W LED Touch Panel - MAD400T8APK

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    Special Price $129.90 Regular Price $149.90
  4. Midea 1.75L Multifunction 8 Blades High Speed Blender 1300W - MPB130ADKH

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  5. Laura Ashley Electric 4 Slice Toaster - Elvenden Navy 1850W SBT583BS

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  6. Laura Ashley Electric 4 Slice Toaster - Elvenden White 1850W SBT583WS

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  7. Laura Ashley 1.7L Electric Kettle - China Rose LAK17CR

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  8. Laura Ashley Electric 4 Slice Toaster - China Rose LAT4CR

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  9. Laura Ashley 1.7L Electric Kettle - Elvenden Blue and Silver LADKEN

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    Special Price $169.00 Regular Price $169.95
  10. Laura Ashley 6.5L Slow Cooker - China Rose LASC65CR

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  11. Laura Ashley 1.7L Electric Kettle - Elvenden White and Silver LADKEW

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    Special Price $169.00 Regular Price $169.95
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The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in the house. With cooking becoming more mainstream than ever and global TV networks covering shows such as Masterchef, kitchen appliances have become a hot topic.

From Masterchef to a vast array of TV chefs, both young and old, male and female showing us how easy it is to put great tasting and, in many cases, healthy food together, the market is booming.

However, you will notice that these TV chefs on Masterchef rarely have a bowl, a whisk and only a few ingredients. They are surrounded by some of the world's most up-to-date and, quite frankly, excellent appliances that make a big difference to the end result.

Many appliances today act as an investment. They are well made, perform operations to the highest standard, and last longer if you treat them well. Kitchen appliance sets are an excellent gift for a birthday or Christmas present to a budding home chef.

Philips and Beko are market leaders. Their coffee machines are some of the best in the world, offering some of the most complete units on the market.

The Explosion of the Global Coffee Market

Coffee shops, coffee houses, and coffee franchises are everywhere. The market has exploded since the turn of the century, and the prices of one in most franchises have too!

So people have become coffee lovers at home, on the way to work, at lunch and more. So naturally, if you own any hospitality business, you are expected to not only serve coffee but a varied range and they are expected to be top-quality. It feels like coffee connoisseurs are overtaking wine concessioners these days.

What Spec to Look for in a Coffee Machine

Let's take a look.

Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Milk Cup

Beko have come onto the market with a robust and sleek-looking range, and the Bean to Cup machine is one of their premium range; it includes:

  • Bean to Cup
  • One Touch Control
  • Integrated Milk Cup
  • Easy to Clean
  • Adjustable Nozzle Height

Philips Series 2200 LatteGo Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Now we come to top-of-the-range equipment suitable for intense use in a large coffee house. As you would expect from Philips, it comes with plenty of gadgets to make the perfect cup, including:

  • Milk Frother: Yes
  • Pump Pressure (Bar): 15
  • Water Capacity: 1.8
  • Number Of Grind Settings: 12
  • Touch screen display
  • Beverage: Espresso/Hot water/Cappuccino/Coffee

Also, with its extended warranty, it shows you it can handle long sessions of coffee making with ease.

Diets and Blenders

Coffee hasn't been the only industry to explode in the 21st century - the health industry has done likewise. First, it was the fitness industry then numerous new diet plans came onto the market. It started with the Atkins diet, and now we have:

  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Keto Diet
  • The Vegan Diet
  • The Vegetarian Diet
  • The Dukan Diet
  • The HCG Diet....and more!

Whichever one you've tried or are considering testing, a blender is never far away from playing an important role.

Blenders and their Features

Westinghouse has brought one of the best for domestic and commercial use onto the market, covering grinding, blending, mixing, and juicing purposes. As with all appliances, they have become more tech advanced in recent years with touchscreens and plenty of pre-programmed options. Here's what to expect:

Westinghouse WHBL03K 1250W digital blender

  • A powerful 1250W complete copper motor and a quad blade.
  • 8 speeds
  • 6 pre-set programs to cater to different needs.
  • Allows users to obtain coarse, medium, and fine grinds of the most challenging ingredients and spices within minutes.
  • An advanced timer function that enables the user to set it to operate at a preferred time and function.

Manufacturers are now lessening the gap between domestic and commercial use, which is good for everyone's wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I look for when buying kitchen appliances?

  • Size & Space. Understanding what space you have to work with is paramount.
  • Style. There are so many appliance designs on the market that it's easy to match colours and styles with your kitchen look.
  • Energy Efficiency. Conserving your electric bill is always a consideration.
  • Price. Everything should have a price point you are comfortable with for the spec you receive.

What's the most common reason for appliance failure?

There are three common reasons:

  • General wear & tear
  • Failure of your fan motor
  • Dirty condenser coils

General maintenance goes a long way to keeping a machine working. Be sure to read the instructions on keeping your machine clean. Also, go to the manufacturer's website for the latest updates.

What should you look for in a coffee machine?

  • Convenience. Everyone has a different time frame in the kitchen in the morning.
  • Coffee Types. Make sure the coffee you like the machine makes
  • Brew Size. Coffee machines make a variety of coffee but also different amounts, so someone who drinks espresso may not need a large machine.
  • Extra features. Coffee machines are becoming more tech-savvy, so be sure to ask about everything they can do.

Here at Wireless 1, you can rest assured we stock machines that do the job and the hardware is manufactured by the best. Please take a look at our range and shop with us today!

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