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Racing Wheels & Pedals

What’s better than playing your favourite games? Immersing yourself into your favourite ones the best way you can! With tons of options on the market for this, simulation games have become a huge part of the gaming industry these days. Realistic simulators like flight simulators or car simulators are not only extremely fun to play, but also gives you a sense of the reality of those situations. For many, driving games are a huge part of their gaming catalogue and that’s for good reason.

Driving/Racing games are extremely fun, competitive and for some games like Forza, look extremely beautiful. So how do you enhance that experience? The answer is obvious, a gaming racing wheel, a gaming speed shifter to go along with it and of course a pair of gaming racing pedals to go along with the set up and you’ve got yourself almost a fully immersive driving simulator setup (minus the super cool moving chairs to go along with the feedback from the car, but those are for another time).

So if you’re a huge fan of racing games or driving simulators and want to give yourself that extra bit of immersion rather than playing on your keyboard or controller (more on this below), then get yourself a gaming racing wheel with pedals, couple it with a shifter and be well on your way to taking home the grand cup!

Whether you’re after a racing wheel for Xbox One, racing wheel for PlayStation or a racing wheel for PC, Wireless 1 has you covered. Check them out below!

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  1. Brateck LRS04-BS-KP01 Foldable Racing Steering Wheel Stand w/ Gear Shifter

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Controller vs Wheel vs Keyboard, what comes out on top?

Well in most cases, it depends what you’re talking about. In the sense of an FPS game, obviously a controller (just kidding!). However, we aren’t here to talk about FPS games, it’s all about racing games and driving simulators here ladies and gentlemen! When it comes to racing games, without a doubt, a gaming racing wheel is without a doubt, the best, most fun and most accurate way to play any sort of racing game or driving simulator. They have better precision and it makes the games feel a lot more natural. Of course, it does come down to personal preference, but once you start racing behind a wheel, you’ll never want to look back.

How does a racing wheel make my game more fun?

Going off the obvious, it feels like you’re behind the wheel of the car that you’re driving. Whether you’re playing some super realistic games like Forza or a post-apocalyptic crazy racing game like Carrmageddon, or even an arcade-y racing game like Mario Kart as an example, using a wheel just feels much more fun. Couple this with a speed shifter and pedals, it makes games much more realistic, but at the same time, a lot more fun since there’s no way you or anyone else can get hurt by your driving, so depending on the game you’re playing, you might get a kick out of using one! You also have the option of turning on the feedback on the wheel, further pulling you into your game and immersing you, letting the wheel, shifter and pedals provide vibration and feedback, further making the driving experience just that little bit more realistic.

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