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Apple PRO STAND (FOR PRO DISPLAY XDR) | Precision Tilting | Height Adjustment: 120mm Total (60mm in each direction from the midpoint) | Tilt: –5° to +25° | Rotatable for Easy Transitions between Landscape and Portait | Magnetic Connector | Flexible Adjustments via Unlocking Slider | Designed for Apple Pro Display XDR | MWUG2ZA/A | 1 Year Warranty
Product Description

Product Description

Pro Stand

Pro Stand


Every aspect of Pro Stand was made with pros in mind. Height, tilt, rotation — it’s completely adjustable, enabling your Pro Display XDR to fit seamlessly into any work environment.

Height adjustment and tilt

With precision tilting and 120mm of total height adjustment, Pro Stand assist Pro Display XDR adapt to any viewing condition. When you adjust the height, the angle of the display stays true. Thanks to a highly sophisticated mechanism in the arm, the display feels weightless, moves effortlessly and stays exactly where you want it.


Pro Stand provides you the ability to easily transition between landscape and portrait whenever you want. Change the screen’s orientation by simply unlocking the slider and turning the display anticlockwise. This flexibility enables the display to quickly adapt to a pro’s changing content.


The magnetic connector on Pro Stand attaches to a polar-opposite magnet on the back of Pro Display XDR. These magnets guide the connection while latches automatically engage to securely lock the stand to the display. Detaching the display is as simple as unlocking the slider.


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Stand range of motion
Height adjustment: the system allows for a total height adjustment of 120mm (60mm in each direction from the midpoint)

Orientation: landscape or portrait

Tilt: –5° to +25°

Stand size and weight
Height (arm 0º, tilt 0º): 43.3 cm (17.0 inches); Height (arm 45º, tilt 25º): 49.7 cm (19.6 inches)

Width: 18.0 cm (7.1 inches)

Depth: 23.6 cm (9.3 inches)

Weight: 4.3 kg (9.5 pounds)

Warranty 1 Year Warranty