Belkin 1 Port SurgeMaster Protector BSV102AU Surgeplus


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Belkin 1 Port Surge Protector BSV102AU Surgeplus | 306 Joules | 1 Socket | SurgeMaster $15,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
Product Description

Product Description

Ideal for the laptops and basic household devices, the Belkin BSV102 1 Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector safeguards small electronics from damaging voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes. Designed to work with laptops, basic household devices and small kitchen appliances.

Ideal for protecting one electronic device at home and while travelling
Capable of withstanding a power surge of up to 306 Joules, the Belkin BSV 102 1-outlet Surge Protector is specifically designed to safeguard small electronics.
In addition, a Surge Protection Indicator lets you know your equipment is protected.
Secure, Portable Wall-Mountable Design
Damage-resistant housing protects circuits from fire, impact or rust, and prevents dents and scratches
$15,000 Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW)
Connected Equipment Warrantyensures the safety of your electronics.Belkin will repair or replace electronic devices damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the Belkin 1 outlet Surge Protector, up to $15,000. Visit for details.

Additional Information

Product SKU BEL00024
Model BSV102AU
Condition New
  • $15,000 Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW)
  • Portable elegant design ideal for protecting one electronic device at home and while travelling
  • Extend the Life of Your Electronics
  • Colored indicator lights alert you to protection status
Warranty 2 Year Warranty