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Infinity gaming is a fairly new brand on the scene that has high-spec laptops at an extremely competitive price compared to some of the other more popular brands, for almost the exact same or similar specs.

Infinity have a wide range of laptops with multiple high-specs that you can find and fit your needs depending on what you're going to be using your laptop for, we will not argue with you if it's not for gaming, after all, these are extremely high spec machines that can practically do almost any job you throw at them. From gaming to office work to video editing, you can do almost anything with an Infinity Gaming laptop.

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High specification Ryzen laptops

A lot of the Infinity gaming laptops feature an AMD Ryzen processor. To some, this may not mean too much but for gamers, this is a huge win for a gaming laptop. AMD's Ryzen processors are loved by gamers across the world and prefer it for gaming over the Intel Core “i” series processors, such the i3, i5 or i7 respectively. The reason being is extremely technical and we could talk all day about the benefits the Ryzen have over the Intel i series processors. However, to summarize it, the processor works much better for gaming than your average “i core” processors, allowing your PC to use more cores to essentially boost your overall performance.

Get impressed with RTX graphics cards

Graphics cards have come a long way in the last 20 years. The original game changer was called the 3Dfx Voodoo, the first GPU (graphics processing unit) of its kind for personal computers. In January 1992, Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) released OpenGL 1.0, a multi-platform vendor agnostic application programming interface (API) for both 2D and 3D graphics. Which allowed for 2D and 3D software to run at high resolutions and a massive increase in the colour count. For example, the original Quake game ran at a resolution of 320x200 and had a colour pallet of 256 colours. However, in 1997 when GLQuake was released, which utilized OpenGL, allowed the game to run at 640x480 resolution and had a colour pallet of 65,536, which in both specs, is a massive increase in information.

These days, GPUs are released every 3-6months, always improving on previous technology and enhancing the performance you can get out of your graphics card. These days, the Nvidia RTX graphics cards are at the top of the line when it comes to GPUs. From the RTX 3050 to the most powerful RTX 3090Ti model, all of the RTX models pack a huge punch. Allowing you to play games at the highest resolution, high frame rate, the best graphics and of course, ray tracing technology. For those who aren't familiar with ray tracing, I recommend checking out a video comparison of any video with ray tracing on and ray tracing off, so you can see the massive difference this technology makes. In short, it allows for real-time lighting and reflections, which means you'll be able to see accurate reflections on metallic surfaces like cars or benches, on tiles, more accurate shadows and shadow placement and much more, effectively giving you the best looking visual you can get today. So check out Infinity Gaming laptops today and you won't regret your decision!

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