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Apple Watch with Connectivity: 4G

Another Genius Invention from Apple

Here at Wireless 1, we have been sure to stock the Apple Watch for many years and will continue to do so due to popular demand. This unique piece of equipment continues to evolve to benefit parents and children alike and help all ages with vital health and wellness information.

In 2014 Apple announced the first new hardware product for some time. When released, it had three main features. A customisable and precise watch with connectivity and was your health and fitness companion. Since then, the evolution has been focused on health and fitness with other add-ons.

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It was released in 2015 with only three Apple watch straps. Now there are multiple choices along with Apple watch bands and a wide variety of options to personalise your Apple watch case.

Overview of the features and benefits of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can do what other devices can't as they are not physically attached to your body reading your vital signs and processing that data.

The data is processed when wearing an Apple watch band, and your Apple Watch becomes a free fitness partner and advisor, giving you insight into meaningful data to help you achieve your goals.

In addition, it has emergency connectivity to your loved ones, emergency uses, and features such as temperature, a calculator and now the latest editions of QWERTY keyboards to send mail.

How the Apple Watch strap can be used in everyday life


Apple redesigned the watchOS when they placed their smartwatch in the marketplace to change how they wanted it to be represented. At first, communication was the focal point, not health and fitness; however, that has now changed.

By 2018 the Apple Watch had defined itself as less social features and being more focused on fitness. Each software update has been unique, with watchOS8 giving users access to the share sheet from multiple locations with more text entry control. Also, a new photo portrait watch face was introduced, and the 'Find My' app came in.


Has now brought in customisable workouts and includes a medication tracker app. Also, a clever move was adjusting the older watch faces to adapt to larger displays.

So now the latest two series of Apple Watches have multiple features, but be sure to look at the spec as there is something different for everyone with an Apple Smart Watch.

The different types of Apple Watch and which one is best suited for different needs


We like SERIES 7. It was a considerable upgrade from SERIES 6. With the calculator app and a new control centre and larger buttons. HomeKit added new animations and a more substantial Apple Maps user interface, making landmarks more visible. And the QWERTY keyboard was a fan favourite. So more useful for people on the go.


This was one for the healthy lifestyle Apple watch cellular user. Complete with the previous spec but with advanced health sensors that gave state-of-the-art temperature sensing and data insights for women's health. New innovative safety markers for crash detection were new. And a durable yet stunning design. Perfect for active people, especially the ladies.


Feature packed at an Apple watch price better than ever. All the normal spec but with added powerful sensors to monitor fitness and deliver accurate data, health, and safety. It also comes with a faster dual-core processor, which adds performance for people with fitness goals that they are determined to stick to.


By far the most rugged and Apple data-driven, sensitive watch ever. It comes with an all-new mighty titanium case design. Precision dual-frequency GPS in addition to 36 hours of battery. Also, you get three specialised bands that are ideal for serious athletes, adventurers, climbers and people who need to rely on a pure outdoor watch.

How to set up and use the Apple Watch

An iPhone 6S or newer should work fine with any Apple Watch. You can check your version by going to:

  • Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Make sure you are WiFi connected, and your BlueTooth is toggled.
  • Turn on your Apple Watch until the logo appears.
  • You then can set it up for yourself or a family member.
  • Now you are asked if this is new or to restore the setting from a previous Apple Watch backup.
  • Then you can Sign in using your Apple ID and Pin (important for Apple Pay and certain apps)

From here, it is a case of personalising your phone and downloading what apps you want to use. Using the control centre, you can check things such as:

  • Battery Life
  • Do not Disturb
  • WiFi
  • Airplane Mode
  • Water Lock if you are Going for a Swim
  • And More....
Connectivity: 4G

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Apple Watch do?

The Apple Watch does too many things to list, but here’s a short list of what you can expect:

  • It is a typical timepiece
  • It measures your heart rate, and distance travelled, steps you take, calories, plus other physical activity statistics
  • Shows notifications and text messages the same as your iPhone
  • Allows you to make calls
  • Play music, audiobooks and podcasts
  • Has navigation features
  • Record an ECG (in certain places)
  • It has a Siri voice assistant

How to check the battery percentage on Apple Watch?

To check your battery life, swipe your watch face up.

This will get you to your control centre, where you can see the battery's percentage plus many other features. Some ranges allow you to set the battery on the screen face permanently.

How to download apps on my Apple Watch?

Apps show up on your watch as small bubbles.

To acquire an app, follow these steps:

  • Press the crown that is on the side of the watch.
  • When on the home screen, tap your App Store icon (it's blue with an A, the same as the iPhone).
  • Scroll through the apps using the crown, or you can also search by name.
  • Once you've found what you want, tap on 'Get' or 'Price'
  • Then confirm doing a double press using the side button.

How to screenshot on Apple Watch?

Another cool feature is pressing the crown and your side button together. Wait for the screen to flash; you have your screenshot if it does. And it is saved in your screenshot album found in photo apps on your iPhone.

Connectivity: 4G

Here at Wireless 1, we regularly stock the latest Apple watch. From time to time, an Apple watch sale or discount to look out for, so always keep an eye on what we have, including our range of accessories. Take a look today!

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