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Gaming Mice with Manufacturer: HP

Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, you’ll want a good gaming mouse that would provide you what you need for the games that you usually play. Whether you’re primarily an FPS or MOBA gamer, you’ll want something that suits not only what type of games you’re playing but also your grip style. Wireless 1 have a massive range of gaming mice from the most popular brands such as Razer, Logitech, ASUS (ROG), SteelSeries, Corsair and much more! We’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect gaming mouse.

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  1. HP OMEN 600 Gaming Mouse [1KF75AA] 12000 DPI Black

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  2. HP OMEN Reactor Gaming Mouse [2VP02AA] 16000 DPI Optical Sensor

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Wireless or Wired?

Wireless mice are great. They give you the freedom of not having a cable attached to it and the technology has been vastly improved over the last few years. We’d say their only downside is their limited battery life (especially with RGB mice) and potentially some latency, but that should be extremely negligible these days.

If you opt for a wireless, try to find one with a very long battery life, you may even find some wireless mice bundled with wireless charging mouse mats, so you’ll never need to charge them as long as you have them on your mouse mat.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a Bluetooth connection or a dongle connection (or both). Bluetooth is handy for switching among multiple devices, but does cause quite a bit of latency compared to wireless dongles. Wireless dongles can be wither 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz (much faster). If you opt for a 5Ghz mouse, then latency should be the last thing on your mind as they’re extremely responsive (considering you’re not gaming from 2 meters or more away from the dongle)

DPI, CPI, IPS and Acceleration. What are they?

DPI (Dots per inch) and CPI (count per inch) are effectively the same, just have different wording. Generally, DPI is used as a printing term, in which you can determine how many dots per inch you’d like your print to be, essentially, the higher the DPI the better the clarity of the print. CPI is generally used to determine how many counts per inch your mouse travels. However, both have the same measurement unit (pixels), so they’re not to be confused.

A higher CPI/DPI doesn’t necessarily mean the sensor is much better than a lower one. Important is a combination of CPI and IPS. IPS (inches per second), is the max speed at which your sensor can still track those counts. So the higher the IPS combined with the CPI/DPI, the better the sensor will be.

Finally, acceleration. Mouse acceleration is a feature that changes the rate at which your mouse pointer moves based on the speed you're moving the mouse. So if you’re moving left and right extremely fast, it may miss some beats if it’s not fast enough.

What kind of mouse grip do you need?

Everyone has a different grip with their mouse, whether it be for gaming or working, everyone holds their mouse different.

  • Palm Grip - The base of your palm rests on the back of the mouse, with your fingers laying on top of it. This is the most common/basic grip that people have.
  • Claw Grip – When your finger tips are touching the buttons and edges of the mouse and your wrist is resting on your mouse mat while your palm is disconnected from the mouse.
  • Fingertip Grip – This is when you grip the mouse with only your fingertips. Your palm and wrist are elevated. It’s a very good grip for those who prefer to play precision games like League of Legends or DOTA 2. While not exclusive to those games, each to their own on how they prefer to handle their mouse.

Recognizing your grip style is important. In most cases, it depends on the size of your hands. A mouse designed for fingertip grip would generally be larger than a mouse designed for palm grip. So it may be something to consider when purchasing a mouse.

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