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A good modem router or router is essential to have your internet and Wi-Fi up and running the best it can while also providing you with enough Wi-Fi range to cover your needs. Networking is Wireless 1’s biggest category so we have some of the best networking brands for home and enterprise use. Whether you’re on ADSL, NBN have a VoIP connection, need a large range or whatever networking requirement you’re after, we have a solution for you! Wireless 1 brings the best networking brands such as Ubiquti, TP-Link, ASUS, NETGEAR and many others all together for you to find your perfect fit.

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  1. TP-Link TD-W9970 N300 Wireless VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

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Lots of dead spots? Mesh is for you

We rely on Wi-Fi for a lot of things these days, but it’s frustrating when one or more parts of your house has bad Wi-Fi or simply doesn’t reach it. Traditionally, people would turn to a stronger router, use an access point or use a range extender. However, these later solutions require you to connect to a different Wi-Fi network each time you move in-between those range extenders and access points. However, there’s a new solution on the market which are known as mesh Wi-Fi routers. Mesh Wi-Fi routers allow you to connect a series of nodes to your network, wire-free to give you one big Wi-Fi connection around the house, so you’ll no longer need to switch between networks. You can also continuously add more and more nodes to increase the Wi-Fi signal further if you wish. You can find out more on mesh routers by clicking here.

NBN ready – Modem routers and routers

NBN isn’t as simple as the Australian government planned. There are many different types of NBN such as FTTN, HFC, Fixed Wireless, Satellite, FTTP, FTTC and others. It’s important to know which type of NBN you have so that you can get the appropriate modem router or router as some connections require you to have a specific type of router or modem router for it to function and connect properly. Wireless 1 has all types for any type of NBN connection you may have. We have put together a small information guide to help you find out what type of connection and what type of modem router or router you need for it, which you can read here.

Gaming routers for the best gaming experience

Game a lot? We do too. Which is why we opt for a gaming router. Your first question may be… Why would I need a specific gaming router to game? Well, in reality you don’t, but do you want the best possible connection to the gaming servers you’re playing on? If that’s the case, then a gaming router is for you. With specific features that are exclusive to gaming routers that allow you to connect to the best game servers for the lowest possible latency from your location, able to help you find easier lobbies in some multiplayer games and over all, help you prioritize gaming machines such as your PC and consoles so that you have the best possible bandwidth to game on.

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