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A Gamer's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Keyboard: Mechanical vs. Membrane

A Gamer's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Keyboard: Mechanical vs. Membrane

Both Bring Big Things to the Gaming Table

In fact, gaming is one of the most intriguing parts of computers in general. The first video games can be traced back as far as 1950/60s. Not a lot of people know that!

However, the ‘ Big Bang’ in gaming came along during the 1990s when home consoles and PC gaming kicked into action and made gaming a mainstream activity.

Gamers' equipment has also improved as gaming has progressed through time. Gaming keyboards now rank among the most important hardware.

The old days in gaming used to view keyboards as inputs for commands and nothing more. Nevertheless, keyboards have played a paramount role currently in professional game playing.

Today, we will take a quick peek into the predicament faced by novices and amateurs who are not entirely certain as regards exactly what can take them to the next level.


A professional gamer requires a keyboard that can be speedy, responsive and precise enough. Minor delays or erroneousnesses may have fatal implications. This is especially notable in serious games like competitive gaming, where players need to respond fast to what the opponent is doing.

Over the years, two different gaming keyboard ranges emerged as favourites among gamers: mechanical and membrane keyboards. 

The mechanical keyboards use independent switches for every key, thus giving a ‘tactility’ feeling that quickens the typing accuracy.

Alternatively, membrane keyboards have rubber domes underneath each key, which generally makes them less responsive and accurate.

However, certain gamers still go for membrane keyboards since they come with little noise when pressing the keys and require minimal movement force compared to the mechanical keyboard. 

This is all on the gamer; however, we all get to choose what works for us to make the most of each piece of equipment, but you want to assess the variables before you take the plunge.

Mechanical vs. Membrane

Where do we start?

As mentioned, there are two main types: mechanical and membrane. A mechanical keyboard uses individual mechanical switches for each key. 

Membrane keyboards, however, employ an ultrathin, soft membrane to cover the whole keyboard.


Mechanical keyboards are usually stronger than membrane keyboards and do not often break down. 

Each keystroke sounds different due to such a tactile feel, making it easier for them to type. Also, they are customisable with different switch types and keycap styles.


On the flip side, membrane keyboards are more economical and quieter compared to mechanical ones. 

Additionally, they are usually lighter and easier to carry around. Mechanical keyboards may be less responsive and accurate because they require much more pressure to register one keystroke.

So, it is up to each person to choose depending on how that keyboard will be used.

Mechanical keyboards could be your best bet, particularly for long-lasting performance and an excellent typing experience. 

Or, for those of you starting out in the gaming industry, opting for a cheaper, more portable alternative like a membrane keyboard is never a bad starting point.

What do You Expect in the First Features of a Membrane keyboard?

Here, in a nutshell, we highlight the top 3 features of a membrane keyboard, which include:

1. Affordability

Membrane keyboards are cheaper than mechanical ones and offer an ideal low entry point into the gaming market.

2. Quiet Operation

Quietness and ease of use have been cited as some of their advantages, with membrane keyboards being usable in places that require a low noise level. We wouldn’t go as far as saying a library…but you get the idea!

3. Lightweight and Portable

Additionally, membrane keyboards are typically slimmer and less cumbersome, so they are marketed as portable devices.

They usually have a smaller footprint, allowing even those with limited workspaces to accommodate them on their desktops.

The first features you Expect from a Mechanical Keyboard

The top 3 features of a membrane keyboard include:

1. Durability

Each key in the mechanical keyboard is connected to its own individual switch that can register millions of keystrokes and not lose responsiveness or accuracy. Therefore, these keyboards are ideal for professional typists as well as gaming enthusiasts whose keyboards should be durable enough to serve them for many years.

2. Tactile Feedback

Each time the user presses a mechanical keyboard, the user receives tactile feedback as an indicator of when the key has been actuated. This is because, for each key, there is a mechanical switch, giving both an audible and tactile feel that helps reduce errors while at the same time increasing typing speed.

3. Customisation Options

Many mechanical keyboards are built with programmable key caps and backlights, allowing people to tailor-make the keys for themselves.

This may involve changing the keyboards' keycaps to other colours and designs or programming macros that allow users to do certain actions just by pressing a specific key. This makes typing more interesting as well as enhancing productivity through customising.

Why is the keyboard important, and what does it do for you in games?


Mechanical keyboards, which give tactile feedback by means of a separate switch for every key, enable fast and exact typing. It is more convenient for fast-responsive games that require well-calibrated playing.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards tend to feature customisable options, including the type of switches suited for the player’s playstyle and preferred keycap design.

However, it is important to mention that, unlike mechanical ones, membrane keyboards can lack in response and accuracy; nevertheless, they are equipped with their benefits.

TIP – Mechanical keyboards come with a price tag. Some gamers may find that they are too loud and pricey, hence the alternative.


Membrane keyboards are smaller, lightweight, and easily portable devices that suit gamers who carry around their gear very often. Ideal for travelling to a friend's house to set up and go for it. 

There are plenty of membrane keyboards out there that would contribute the required responsiveness, accuracy, and specific features that enable successful performances and results.


Today, many people recognise that keyboards are important in professional play, as evidenced by the evolution of gaming keyboards. An increase in the popularity of gaming is expected. Thus, more developments in keyboards will be made. 2024 will be a very interesting year to wait and see the competition that it is getting heated among the companies, not only in gaming but also in consoles. And as a gamer remember when the manufacturers are competing one side of winning the battle is to undercut on the price!

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