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What’s the best Cherry MX switch?

What’s the best Cherry MX switch?

Cherry MX switches are likely the most popular switches on the market (close behind is Logitech’s GL/Romer-G switches!). The main reason being is that they didn’t have a competitor for a very long time. However, more and more manufacturers have come out with their own mechanical switches in the last 10 years, so competition is rising but Cherry MX still remains at the top, as they’re usually the “gamers choice”.

MX clear keys

Now when it comes down to “the best” Cherry MX switch, it’s really hard to say. Mostly, this comes down to your personal preference. You’ll need to use the keys yourself to find the right feel for you. My preference may be different to yours, so instead, let's break down each Cherry MX switch, so you can get a better understanding of what they do to ultimately help you find what suits you best.

What does each Cherry MX switch do?

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Red key
Actuation force 45g
Feel Linear (No bump)
Preferred use Geared towards gaming
CORSAIR K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Cherry MX Red Switch

These are the most popular type of mechanical switches. Cherry MX Reds are most commonly used for gaming. They are light to press, with a very mild click to them.

Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry MX Silent Red key
Actuation force 45g
Feel Linear (No bump)
Preferred use Geared towards gaming

These were built in partnership with Cherry corporation (the original manufacturers of MX switches) and Corsair. It’s basically the exact same as the Cherry MX red switch, however, it does include rubber parts, essentially, making this an extremely quiet version of the red switch, otherwise, they are identical.

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Black key
Actuation force 60g
Feel Linear (No bump)
Preferred use Gaming

The high actuation force helps prevent accidental key presses, making Cherry MX Blacks one of the best switch types for gaming, especially MOBAs, but also fantastic for typing. It’s essentially a heavier version of the Cherry MX Reds, however, extremely similar.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown key
Actuation force 45 - 55g
Feel Tactile bump
Preferred use Mix of typing and gaming
Corsair K95 RGB
Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Cherry MX Brown RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Cherry MX Brown is considered to be a “middle ground” between all switches. It’s fantastic for gaming but also really comfortable for typing. There’s a light bump halfway down the keypress, allowing you to ‘feel’ the keypress. I personally use this switch for typing at work.

Cherry MX Grey

Cherry MX Grey key
Actuation force 80g
Feel Tactile bump
Preferred use Mix of typing and gaming

The Cherry MX Grey is a slightly modified version of the Cherry MX Brown. The characteristic of this switch is very similar to the brown switches, however, has a higher resistance. The grey equivalent offers an increased actuation force compared to the brown variant. This is extremely popular with enthusiasts. Great for typing and gaming.

Cherry MX Clear

Cherry MX Clear key
Actuation force 55g
Feel Tactile, no click
Preferred use Mix of typing and gaming

The Cherry MX Clear is a rarer version of the rest of the switches. It’s a tactile switch without the click. It basically sits half-way between Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Grey, making it in my opinion, the best of all the switches if you’re looking for a keyboard for both typing and gaming. It’s extremely comfortable as it has a medium resistance force, but not as much as something like the Cherry MX Black.

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue key
Actuation force 50 - 60g
Feel Clicky, tactile bump
Preferred use Great for typing!

Cherry MX Blue is considered to be the best switch for typing. It has a “clicky” sound to it with a high actuation force and tactile feel. So if you’re always hammering away on that keyboard, then this would be for you, as long as you don’t mind the clicky noise, alternatively, the brown is a good option if you prefer a more quiet type.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry MX Speed Silver key
Actuation force 45g
Feel Linear (No click)
Preferred use Gaming (especially for quick reaction games)

The CHERRY MX Speed Silver is the fastest model of the Cherry MX family that has full height. The linear switching characteristics combined with the low spring resistance trigger the silver switch directly. When milliseconds decide whether you win or lose, the CHERRY MX Speed Silver can be one of the strongest tools in your arsenal.

Cherry MX Green

Cherry MX Green key
Actuation force 80g
Feel Clicky, Tactile Bump

One of the rarest switches available, the Cherry MX Greens can best be described as Blues with a bit more resistance. It’s still considered to be a keyboard for typing. Many users claim this is the only switch you’ll have to “break-in”, in order to get the best use out of it. So once you get used to typing on it, people say there’s no looking back!

Fun fact: Cherry MX Greens were originally intended for the spacebar on Cherry MX Blue keyboards and were never mass-produced – until now.

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