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Accessories and Add-Ons: Enhancing Your RØDE Microphone Experience

Accessories and Add-Ons: Enhancing Your RØDE Microphone Experience

RØDE is taking over the market

RØDE is a popular Australian microphone brand that started operating in 1967. The company was established by Henry and Astrid Freedman, initially referred to as Freedman Electronics.

Initially, it made top-class microphones targeting the local movie and TV industries. The company started exporting its products to foreign markets and eventually became the globally known brand. RØDE is considered a top global producer of microphones, accessories, and other related equipment. The company is still based in Sydney, Australia, but has spread its wings State side and opened facilities and an office in the USA.

In this article, we will take a look at what RØDE have been able to innovate and have on the market and take a closer look at some of the RØDE microphone accessories and what they do. Also, a secondary survey of their headline advantages like microphones, Vlogging and podcasts.

RØDE Microphones and Their Impact

However, during the early 2000s, RØde realised that it was time for them to move beyond the film and TV sector and venture into the then-developing niche of online video production. The advent of social software platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok created a generation of artists who were ready to create content for others worldwide consumption.

RØDE was aware that for this crop of artists to have perfect definition and clarity for their voices as well as sounds, there was a need to use high-quality yet affordable microphones for them. Therefore, in order to cater for this market, RØDE started developing a line of specialist mics for vloggers/podcasters/online content producers. They came up with user-friendly, multipurpose, cheap products that could work well with smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Arise the VideoMic

Of all the products emerging from RØDE at this time, one of the most popular ones was the shotgun microphone known as the VideoMic, whose mounting options included cameras and smartphones. The VideoMic is a sound recorder that produces quality sound in noisy environments, making it a favourite amongst vloggers and filmmakers.
Here Come the Accessories

RØDE also released a number of other microphones and accessories fit for podcasters and other internet users. The Podcaster was also a USB microphone made specifically for use with computers, while the SmartLav+ was a Lavalier microphone meant for use with a smartphone.

The brand’s products soon earned a reputation for being inexpensive but high quality and easy to use, making them the favourite of creators worldwide.

RØDE Accessories and Add-ons

Here are some examples of RØDE microphone accessories:


The premium shock mount with a detachable pop filter cuts down on vibrations and plosives. It’s a highly versatile preamplifier that pairs well with most large diaphragm condenser microphones.


The professional studio arm is extended to provide the entire band with a horizon reach of up to 820mm and a vertical cover of over 840mm. It is suited for radio use, radio broadcasting, and podcasting.


A first-class windscreen for the best quality and less wind noise around the microphone capsule. This one was made for models of NT1-A, NT2-A, NT1000, NT2000, NTK, K2, and Broadcaster microphones.


A 3-meter 3.5 stereo extension cable increases the range of your mic. Compatible with VideoMic, VideoMicro, VideoMic Pro, VideoMic Pro+, VideoMic GO, Stereo VideoMic, Stereo VideoMic Pro, Stereo VideoMic X, M5, and NT4 microphones.


The dual TRRS input & hp output adapter lets you connect two smartLav+ microphones and more to your iOS device. It makes it easy to track the audio so that you can hold conferences, interviews, and podcasts.

It is just a sample of RØDE Microphone Accessories. They have a whole range of accessories for the same range of microphones as the market. Therefore, always ensure you know about the accessories your hardware can accommodate.

How to Enhance Your Rode Microphone Experience

Several accessories and extras can help you maximise your RODE Microphone if you want to spice up the microphone experience.

From vlogging blogs and podcasts to music production and films, RØDE provides numerous accessories that synergistically fit with their microphones.

Some of the accessories and add-ons include:

  • Shock mounts
  • Windshields
  • Extension cables
  • Studio arms

They help control unwanted sounds/improve sound quality and position of the microphone for recording purposes.

Many mainstream users consider RØDE best-in-class, and professional and amateur users both use them. Therefore, look out for the various accessories in the market as well as microphones from Rode.

RODE. Power In. Microphones, vlogging and podcasting.


RØDE have a plethora of microphones on the market, each of them unique to provide specific sound and images for the right occasion. In their repertoire, they have microphones for:

  • Live Performances
  • Broadcasting
  • Studio Recording
  • Videos
  • Mobile…and soon to be more

They’re sound quality, flexibility on the move, and reliability are second to none. They are sought after by some of the world’s most influencing music artists, studios, filmmakers and the average person in the street!


Vloggers have their own specific needs, and those needs can be met by RØDE, which is mobile, user-friendly, and trustworthy. Therefore, they made the Vlogger Kit of mobile filmmaking, including a microphone, phone holder, tripod, light, as well as a cold shower mount.

Also, they have SC15 that involves a USB-C to Lightning cable, enabling you to attach your RØDE mic on the iOS device.


RØDE has built a whole range of quality products for podcasting, including the RØDECaster Pro, a one-stop shop with microphone inputs, sound pads, audio processing, and remote caller integration.


Besides, they provide NT-USB mini and RØDE Connect, a USB microphone and computer program that allows the recording of four podcasters simultaneously with single-click audio processing and input from external sources.


RØDE is committed to creating new, modern products as long as it ensures that the market is well served. Do you use RØDE microphones and accessories? A lot of people do—Vloggers, podcasters, or filmmakers. If you don’t know them, check their range. In particular, it must be said that any greenhorn will be able to work like an old hand employing RØDE devices and bringing much profit for different sectors. Good luck.

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