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Dawnbreaker! DOTA 2's newest hero! Find out more here!

Dawnbreaker! DOTA 2's newest hero! Find out more here!


Dawnbreaker! The new DOTA 2 Hero!

We're super excited for the newly released DOTA 2 hero Dawnbreaker. Her kit seems like it'd be possible to pull off some amazing wombo-combos (bet you haven't heard that in a while). She's a tanky-carry hero with healing and damaging abilities. Here at Wireless 1 we love DOTA and love experimenting with new heroes. I can't wait to try her out as a tanky-support... I may steal a kill or two though.

Role type:

Dawnbreaker is the newest hero to grace the battlegrounds! Crushing enemies with her celestial hammer and using her energy released to heal nearby allies. Dawnbreaker excels when working closely with teammates! Read on for her abilities, best items and hero counters! Dawnbreaker's style is Melee, Durable and Carry.



Dawnbreaker whirls her hammer around 3 times, damaging enemies with her attack and bonus damage. On the final strike, she smashes her hammer down, stunning and damaging enemies in front of her.

Celestial Hammer

Dawnbreaker hurls her weapon at a target, damaging enemies struck along the way. The hammer pauses briefly at the destination before flying back to her, leaving a blazing trail that slows enemies. Dawnbreaker can recall the hammer at any time, pulling her towards it so they meet in the middle.


After 3 attacks, Dawnbreaker powers up, charging her next attack with a critical hit that heals all allied heroes around her for a portion of attack damage dealt.

Solar Guardian

Dawnbreaker creates a pulsing effect at a location near an allied hero anywhere on the map, damaging enemies and healing allies with each pulse. After a short duration, she flies to the target location, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies upon landing.


Early, mid and late-game items

Dawnbreaker is very flexible, but she's usually played as a core. You can follow this build while playing safe or mid or off-lane. However, it's best not to blindly follow this guide, it's best to adapt these items depending on the in-game enemy draft.

Starting Items: Quelling blade, Tango, Healing Salve, Ironwood Branch (2) & Enchanted Mango

Early Game Items: Magic Wand, Phase Boots & Echo Sabre

Mid Game Items: Sange, Black King Bar, Heaven’s Halberd (or) Sange & Yasha

The Late Game items for Dawnbreaker depends upon the matchups. You can build heavy damage items like Desolater, Daedalus. Players can also build mobility items like Overwhelming or Arcane Blink Dagger to get that little bit of an edge on their opponents.

If you're the front-line or the team needs a defensive item, consider some of the following items: Shiva’s Guard, Heart of Terrasque and Satanic or Eye of Skadi. All are great options for this hero.

Picks and counter-picks

Good With: Faceless Void, Mars, Spectre, Death Prophet, Riki

Good Against: Nature’s Prophet, Broodmother, Phantom Lancer, Axe, Alchemist

Bad Against: Viper, Disruptor, Shadow Shaman, Drow Ranger, Silencer

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