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5 Healthy tech products for your well-being

5 Healthy tech products for your well-being

These days, technology assists us in every way in our daily lives. Whether it be at work, at home, on a holiday, you’d usually have a piece of tech with you that would help you in your day-to-day life. Technology in general has had a massive boom in the last few decades and every day new technologies pop up to assist us with daily tasks and many companies are looking into people’s quality of life to see how they can improve it.

Recently, there’s been a massive increase in demand for fitness and health tech products since a lot of people are spending more time at home and working on their lifestyle to stay healthy. So today, we’ll be going through 5 tech products to help you with fitness and health.

1. Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale
FitBit Aria 2 Smart Scale

Since most of us have been staying at home a lot more, people have become a little bit more conscious about their weight and fitness, since it’s pretty easy to add on a few KGs when you’re mostly at home for majority of the week. However, for those who have been worried have either returned or started going to the gym or work out from home. A way people are keeping track of how their progress are going with their training, is with a smart scale. This one in particular, is the FitBit Aria 2 Smart Scale.

The Aria 2 isn’t just a simple weight scale, it can help you track weight, body fat percentage, you BMI and lean mass. When you stand on the smart scale, it shoots an extremely minor electrical pulse (through your feet) to measure different metrics, based on what you choose to measure. Sounds a little scary, but in reality, it’s such a minor signal that not even kids can feel.

The Aria 2 easily syncs with your Wi-Fi network and you’ll be able to sync the scale to your fitness app on your phone so that it’s able to generate those results for you, automatically create graphs and charts for you to track through your app. It will also read the data of your fitness app to give it a better understanding of how you’re progressing and provide you with results based off that.

2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 on girls arm

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 works similar to a smartwatch, allowing you to view calls, texts, and notifications to keep you up to date without having to take your phone out. However, it also acts as a fitness tracker with a 24/7 heartrate monitor. It connects to your phone and its app to help you track your fitness data. While running, it will provide you with a number of metrics you can track such as your step count, your calories burn and a number of other things.

It also boasts a water resistance of up to 50 meters and can recognize 5 different styles of swimming providing you lots of metrics to help you further improve. It also tracks your sleep patterns via your heartrate, detecting your light and deep sleeps, allowing you to track this so that you can adjust your sleeping habits if needed.

3. UPRIGHT Go 2 Posture Trainer
UPRIGHT GO 2 Posture trainer

Posture is important, especially as we get older. Having bad posture can provide you with a lot of issues in the future and back pain in the short term. This generation, a lot of people work their whole careers in front of a computer and for most, posture is an issue when sitting at their desk. A term that’s been floating around is “gamer posture”, which usually means, bad posture (basically, lots of gamers have bad posture, hence the term).

The UPRIGHT Go 2 posture trainer, by its name, is pretty self-explanatory. The device sticks to your upper back with (skin safe) adhesive strips, connects to an app on your phone and provides you with real time notifications and alerts in regards to your posture. When it detects your posture isn’t good, it sends a small vibration to the device, which notifies you to straighten up, to help you train those back muscles. Over time it trains your muscle memory so that in time, results in better posture for you and helps you maintain it. The device has a 30 hour battery life so you can use it for days at a time (this is not designed to be on your back 24/7) without having to recharging it daily. For long term users, replacement adhesive strips are also available.

4. BenQ WiT ScreenBar e-Reading Desk Lamp
BenQ Screenbar

When you sit at a computer for long periods of time, your eyes start to get tired and results in your eyes being fatigued. A lot of monitor manufacturers may have some “blue light” technology in-built as a feature into the monitor which helps reduce that, however, changes the way the colour looks on your screen, with a bit more of a warmer (yellowish) tinge to it. This isn’t ideal for many people like myself who often like to do photo and video editing as I like my colour accuracy to be as perfect as possible. However, not just people who are into content creating/editing find this to be an issue, for many, it’s not ideal but it’s one of the only ways to reduce the fatigue on your eyes

This is where the BenQ ScreenBar shines (pun intended). The ScreenBar attaches to the top of any monitor or laptop and shines a light on the screen as well as your desk, effectively giving you a better view and also protecting your eyes from the blue light emitting from the monitor. Not only does it help with fatigue, the ScreenBar also eliminates the glossiness of your monitor so that it’s no longer reflective essentially allowing you to further focus on your work without reflections on your monitor.

5. Gresen Air Sterilizer w UVC LED Plasma Ionizer
Green Air Sterilizer

After a long day of work or being out and about, nothing’s better than coming home to a breath of fresh air. The Green Air Sterilizer will help you with exacty that. Designed to be lightweight and non-invasive, you can virtually put the Green Air Sterilizer in any room in your home or business. It filters out any dust, particles and pollutants in the air with an effectiveness of 99%. It help protect you from bacteria and viruses floating around in the air. The Ultrafiltration Technology featured in the Green Air Steriliser removes impurities and bacteria.

The Green Air Sterilizer uses a HEPA filter (replaceable) to remove impurities in the air effectively giving you clean breathable air where room you choose to place it and filters-out PM 2.5 particles.

With 0 ozone emissions emitted from this device, not only is it clean and safe for the environment, but also much better for your health.

The device also uses a UVC LED which effectively uses UV to kill and eliminate germs and viruses, consumed by the filter. So protect yourself and your family with a Green Air Sterilizer.


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