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The 5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones – July 2021

The 5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones – July 2021

Sometimes you need to get away from everything to relax a little bit, pop on some headphones and rest up, but it’s not always possible when you’re at work, out in public or sometimes even at home because of the noise pollution. Of course, you can just turn your headphones up but in some cases that may not be a good option for you to relax. This is why over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are some of the best tools to help you get this done, almost wherever you are!
Whether you’re on a flight and trying to drown out that engine noise, on public transport and don’t want to hear the chatter around you, or have a busy road at the front of your house and don’t want to deal with it on that day, then you can put on some over-ear headphones with noise cancellation and that’d do the trick for you in most cases. Allowing you to rest, relax and enjoy your time listening and hearing to what makes you feel at peace.

Today, we’ll be going through some of the best noise-cancelling headphones you’ll be able to find as of July 2021! Check out our list below!

Beats by Dre Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
Beats Studio 3

Beats are an already well-established brand. Made originally by American rapper Dr Dre in 2006 and has since sold the company to none other than Apple back in 2014. The Beats by Dre range are in general fantastic headphones. They’re comfortable, light, provide really good sound quality, stylish and what they’re most famous for, a very rich bass. The Studio3 models, however, are much more sophisticated. Their soft ear cushions feel comfortable but form a very good seal around your ears providing you with extremely good sound clarity, couple this with the ANC (active noise cancellation) that this headset offers and you’ll be fully immersed in your audio without any outside noise distraction wherever you are. They also come in a very large range of colours so you can pick and choose whatever suits your style!

Bose QC35 QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones
Bose QC35

There’s a big ‘hype’ around BOSE products for good reason. They’re very well known for their sound quality and build quality. However, much more recently they’ve become extremely well known for their noise-cancelling technology. People swear by it saying it’s the best and this one, in particular, the Bose QC35 is a big favourite for many consumers. Their technology analyses and monitors the outside noise and creates opposite signals to cancel out intrusive sounds. Not only can the Bose QC35 expertly cancel noise, but it can also be adjusted to fit any environment so you can focus on what matters to you. This model also provides absolutely crisp sound, so whatever you’re listening to will always sound amazing. It has some other fantastic features like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so that you can check the weather or time, follow up on things, search the internet or anything the smart assistants can help you with, without ever having to touch the headset or phone. It’s a lot of technology in one nice, light and compact headset.

Sony WH-H910N Hi-Res Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
Sony H910N

Whenever you get a Sony audio product, you know you’re getting a top-quality audio product. This is especially true when it comes to their headphones. Sony, being a consumer favourite for an extremely long time, usually never disappoint. From their build quality, to their features to their absolutely superior sound quality with high resolution (Hi-Rez) audio, Sony headphones in general are premium headphones. The Sony WH-H910N is one of Sony’s latest headphones and as always, live up to their quality legacy. The headphones feature a premium, sleek and stylish build, the ear cups themselves are soft, comfortable and have a nice stylized pattern to them that you don’t often see on headphones, giving it a more of an out-going feel to it when still making it look premium. They also feature touch controls right from the side of the headset, so you’ll never need to look for buttons, pause, skip, play and more just with a quick swipe of the side of the headset.
If you just happen to run into your friend and need to have a quick conversation, without taking off your headphones you can just hover your hand over the control panel to stop the music, whenever you need a quick conversation. They’re also really good noise-cancelling headphones for calls. They also boast a 35-hour battery life on a single charge allowing you to listen to more of what you want and charge the headphones less.

JBL CLUB ONE Wireless ANC Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones
JBL Club One

JBL is another big name in audio that has been around for over 70 years and specialize in manufacturing audio products. They have a massive range of headphones, speakers and a bunch of other audio equipment and JBL don’t shy away from making premium audio products. The JBL Club One is a highly rated headset. Not only does it provide you with great noise cancellation, but just like the earlier entry, features Hi-Rez audio so that whatever it is you’re listening to, sound fantastic and crisp at any volume and it also features massive custom 40mm drivers that’ll be able to provide you with that level of audio quality like you’ve never heard before.
Not only is the active noise cancellation for you with this headset, but also for your contacts or whoever you’re speaking to when making a call with the headset. The dual noise-cancelling microphones allow your contacts to hear you clearly, no matter what environment you’re in, isolating your voice for the call and filtering any unnecessary or unwanted noise from around you.  
Finally, they have a massive battery life of up to 45 hours, so keep jamming, calling or just relaxing with fantastic audio which also makes it a fantastic headphone for you to take on trips and holidays!

Apple AirPods Max
Apple AirPods Max

Now, we come to the final entry on the list, the recent Apple AirPods Max. The Apple AirPods have taken the world by storm, they popularized wireless earbuds to the mainstream and since, a slew of wireless earbuds flooded the market. One of the AirPods that people had loved was the AirPods Pro due to their noise cancellation feature which the previous two AirPods didn’t have. Now, they’re brought these to a headset, which is their newest wearable audio product, the Apple AirPods Max. They are extremely sleek, elegant, with a very modern look to them without standing out too much but still keep an original, unique and identifiable design. As you can expect, Apple’s products come with a premium price point for a premium product.
The ear cups have a custom aluminum design with cushions made from soft and high-quality fabric that include memory foam, making them extremely comfortable. The headband is a breathable knitted mesh that’s strong but flexible and helps distribute the weight around your head, resulting in an extremely comfortable headset. It features a small dial on the headphones allowing you to control all your music from one small dial.
With great sound quality as AirPods are known for, however, with bigger drivers providing you with rich and clear bass, the Apple AirPods Max is no joke. If you’re after some serious noise-cancelling headphones, look no further than the Apple AirPods Max.


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