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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Gaming Headset

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Gaming Headset

Razer, a multi-awarded manufacturer of gaming systems, software and hardware products, is not only popular among hardcore and casual gamers, it is also a go-to brand for Information Technology companies and tech-savvy buyers looking for sturdy and high-spec computers and headsets. Whether you previously owned a Razer gaming headset or are fairly new to the brand, shopping for one can be both taxing and exciting. On one hand, you are eager to upgrade your audio experience and take your gaming to the next level. On the other hand, you fear landing a unit that does not match your requirements. To better explore the right options, it becomes all the more important to understand your habits and preferences as a gamer or consumer of gaming hardware and software.

Should you need clarity and guidance the next time your buy Razer gaming products, these tips may come in handy:

#1 Gaming style

Some of us are casual gamers, who play games erratically if not to pass the time. However, there are those who are dedicated to the gaming universe and have no qualms purchasing high-level peripherals. Knowing your habits, preferences and comfort zone as a gamer figures greatly in your purchase decisions. You could be a multi-game player or loyal to a single game. Depending on the number of games you download, you may need a gaming product with enough capacity to handle heavy usage.

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#2 Sound quality

Sound is everything when you use a gaming headset. Choppy sounds, background noise, ill-fitted plug - all these can cause discomfort and affect your overall experience of a game. The ideal headset for gamers has a prominent noise cancellation feature that blots out external sounds. If you purchased from the Razer brand, you would normally find a built-in microphone. This will allow you to communicate with teammates and other gamers without auditory disruptions getting in your way.

Surround sound headsets like the Razer Kraken Ultimate USB Surround Sound headset with ANC microphone and the Razer Kraken X USB Digital Surround Sound headset give another layer of excitement to games. These products have a proven track record among gamers and are valued both for the quality of their sound and their affordable prices.

#3 Proper fit

Gaming peripherals that are not ergonomically designed present a number of challenges to the user. That is why whether you purchase a mouse, a console or a headset, make sure you feel comfortable even after long periods of use. Add this criterion to your ideal headset features while carefully paying attention to your own comfort levels. Some gamers prefer open back headsets because it frees their ears from pressure. Others would rather use closed back types with large ear cups because during recording, it prevents their microphone from picking up more noise.

#4 Headset compatibility

To better enjoy Razer gaming headsets, you have the option to install the Razer Synapse app on your PC to access more features. This could be a bit tricky for console gamers, however. Some gaming headsets, like the ones in Razer’s collection, are mostly built for PC use. They are compatible with several platforms such as Nintendo and Xbox but performance and quality may fall short. Since they were designed for computer and laptop gaming, they work best with these devices.

#5 Setting a budget

Equally important to take note of is your spending preference. Gaming headsets come in different prices, with some more expensive than others. If you are a certified audiophile, you would go for top-of-the-line brands and headset models like the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Esports Gaming headset. Despite its price, it is one of the most auditorily satisfying units users can ever purchase from the brand. Should budget be a concern, Razer offers a range of affordable options including the Razer Kraken X - Multi-Platform Wired Gaming headset and the Razer BlackShark V2 X Wired Gaming headset. Both are less than $100 with a comfortable pair of ear cups and sleek designs. Razer has diversified its gaming products to accommodate every type of budget and gamer.

#6 Razer’s classic gaming headsets

With the number of products the brand has put out since inception, new buyers might not know where to look for or what model to purchase. For starters, the Kraken line is the longest running of the bunch and it currently has the largest quantity of audio-based gaming peripherals. The well-loved line continues to thrive to this day, spawning a number of special editions like the Krazen Kitty Quartz and kitty ears accessories for buyers who want to customise their Razer Kraken unit. Casual gamers and anyone who needs an affordable but good working headset will find any model from the Kraken line a worthy purchase.

#7 Holistic features

The final tip to consider is just buying a gaming headset with all the features you need. Everything you are looking for you can easily access through this one unit. Besides decent sound quality, comfortable ear pads and a sturdy design, you can use software or an app to enhance its performance or tap into more features. Neither should it be difficult to accessorise the unit with chromatic LED lights. A headset that lets you go the extra mile

Shopping for Razer Gaming Headsets

Razer offers a varied and expansive number of audio gaming products, perfect for both audiophiles, regular gamers and casual buyers. If this is your first foray into buying a Razer gaming headset, the tips above will guide you in your purchase. Pick a model whose specs and price align with your standards and spending preference. Explore the Wireless1 online tech store for more information about Razer gaming products and other high calibre gaming devices.

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