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How to choose the best gaming headsets? Let's talk about the factors

How to choose the best gaming headsets? Let's talk about the factors

Among the gadgets that make a gamer’s life easier, gaming headsets are near if not on the top of the list. Others may think a headset is not necessary if you have surround sound audio interface in your gaming room. But to seasoned gamers, having quality headsets in their set-up makes a big difference in their overall experience. Products like the EPOS gaming headset, for example, provide tactical advantage and an immersive environment because of their superior sound quality. Experts who believe that gaming headsets are a good investment shop EPOS products to take their gaming to the next level.

If you are convinced that such a gadget is necessary to your set-up, be a discerning buyer. Do not just pick the first headset you see in a tech shop. Only the best in the market can give you the quality experience you seek. Follow these tips for choosing the best gaming headsets:

Preferred Design and Style

Headsets come in all shapes and sizes. The over-ear/over-the-head headset is the most common design and style. It is usually worn by call centre agents, radio jocks and other gamers. The body consists of a headband, flanked by left and right cushioned ear cups, where sound comes out. Inside the cups are audio drivers. For traditional wired models, a cable with a plug at the end connects the entire headset to a computer or mobile device.

In-ear headsets, on one hand, are common default mobile phone accessories. True to their name, they fit inside your ear and are a package staple in most smartphone devices. In-ear models - especially the high end ones - can also be used for gaming. Their light weight and more ergonomic designs make them a go-to gadget for some gamers than heavier and bulkier over-ear headsets.

Different gamers prefer different styles. While there are those who prioritise an immersive gaming experience, which over-ear headsets can provide with flying colours, other gamers would rather go for comfortable fit and convenience by using in-ear headphones. The former is also less portable than the latter. However, in-ear types tangle easily while over-the-head models are easy to stow away (or you can just leave it attached to your PC or laptop).

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Headsets

Wired gaming headsets are favoured for their sound and connection stability and quality. Back then bluetooth headsets left much to be desired and hardly any gamer used them during crucial matches. But nowadays, wireless headsets have significantly evolved and taken on sturdier and steadier forms. They are a good substitute for wired headsets when you are on a road trip or somewhere remote without electricity.

If you are just at home or in your office, it is better to use wired gaming headsets. The simple reason is that, where battery life is concerned, wireless variants can never top the wired. Sure, high quality wireless in-ear headphones may consume less battery life; some would even go as far as 40 to 95 hours without charging. But for as long as you use bluetooth to connect your device, it is a sure and gradual drain. Add this to a continuous round of games then the battery drain is a no-brainer.

The win-win solution is to purchase a gaming headset that has wireless and wired functionalities. You experience the best of both worlds and get more for the price of one. Consider the EPOS gaming headset if you are looking for a reliable brand that meets your gaming audio needs. EPOS offers a wide variety of wired and wireless headsets for gamers of any skill or level.

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation feature is a gaming prerequisite. It is difficult to immerse in a game when there are background noises that disrupt your concentration or create confusion. When you shop EPOS products, choose a headset with active noise-cancelling or active noise reduction capabilities.

Active noise-cancelling is a recent innovation that eliminates unwanted sounds. This technology creates new sounds that overwrite or cancel out the noises coming from outside. Passive noise reduction is a more affordable version of the aforementioned noise-cancelling method. It is not powered by anything, but utilises insulation techniques to cancel out background sounds.

From cars honking on streets to an espresso machine grinding and brewing coffee beans, new noise cancellation technology is powerful enough to nullify noises, leaving you totally immersed in the game world. A word to the wise: headsets with this feature do not come cheap. Expect to spend around 150 to 200 AUD for a quality model - more if you are gunning for MVP headsets from top brands like Sony and Bose.

Cheaper Alternative: EPOS Gaming Headset

Are you an avid gamer who wants to buy a quality headset at an affordable rate? EPOS gaming headset is the answer. “Quality meets affordability and innovation” is the best way to describe this brand. Whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer, you will find this brand as a good alternative to famous but expensive gaming headsets. Shop EPOS products on Wireless 1 today and get FREE shipping for orders over $200.

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