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Wi-Fi 6: The 5 Best AX Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi 6: The 5 Best AX Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi over the years has gotten better and better with every generation of Wi-Fi protocols. For those who don’t know, the latest generation is Wi-Fi 6, also known as, AX Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 provides you with the most stable, strongest, and fastest connections over Wi-Fi compared to the previous generations and also provides you with the newest and strongest Wi-Fi security known as WPA3.
You may ask why you should upgrade, your current router may be working just fine for your current requirements, but it’s always good to think ahead and future-proof your network as you don’t know when your circumstances may change. For example, you may move house and your current router may not provide you with an adequate amount of range due to the walls being thicker and the Wi-Fi not being able to penetrate through, or, you may upgrade your internet connection to faster service and you need a lot more bandwidth for all your devices and users so that it can provide the fastest possible speeds for everyone and all devices. Let’s also not forget that manufacturers always adopt the latest technologies, from Smart TVs, Smartphones to just about anything with an internet connection, just like AC Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 5), all devices will eventually be Wi-Fi 6 compatible, so why not get the best out of your devices now and all your future devices?
Whatever the reason may be, it’s always good to be prepared for those events and since these days we rely on a strong, reliable internet connection to do just about everything in our day-to-day lives. From our internet shopping, paying our bills, doing our work or even just for our general entertainment, so upgrade today so that you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.

Check out some of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers we have you can get today!

TP-Link Archer AX50 AX3000 Dual Band Gigabit Router
Archer AX50

TP-Link these days have become a very well-known name in the networking industry, with quality products, straightforward and easy-to-use interface. TP-Link has become a favorite for many users, novice and advanced! TP-Link is very well known for the Archer series routers and modem routers and now, has expanded the Archer range to Wi-Fi 6. The Archer AX50 is an absolutely fantastic router, not only does it provide you with a large range, but it can also a large amount of bandwidth for all your devices, allowing everyone to enjoy super-fast speeds over Wi-Fi, at all times!
The Archer AX50 is also a decretive piece, it’s stylish, yet has a very sleek design that will allow it to blend into your living space or business without being an eyesore. So if you’re looking for a router that will provide you with a decent amount of range, fast and reliable connections, and the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, look no further!

ASUS RT-AX82U GUNDAM Special Edition AX5400 Dual-Band Gaming Router

This would probably be the coolest looking router on the list, or possibly, the coolest looking router ever. The Asus RT-AX82U is a well-known router and is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to get the best out of their Wi-Fi, then the RT-AX82U is for you. However, this particular model is a special edition. Stylized to look like the head of a Gundam robot, this router would not only be a super cool prop to have, but also a really cool conversation piece. After all, who can say they’ve got a Gundam’s head as a router? It also features RGB lights, so you can choose from a variety of different modes for it to suit your style!
Of course, that’s one of the main attractions of this router, but that’s not its only feature. It’s a router built for gamers. It helps connect you to the best servers around the world that provide you with the best connections for it to minimize latency giving you the competitive edge. It has many different modes that it allows you to choose from and will even provide you a boost for mobile games. So when you’re playing COD Mobile, Fortnite mobile, PUBG Mobile, or any other competitive game, it’ll allow you to get the edge over your opponents, minimizing lag which gives you an advantage. Check out the RT-AX82U Today!

Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien Wi-Fi 6 Wireless AX Router with Mesh Point
Amplifi Alien

Ubiquiti is a household name in networking. Very well known for their enterprise-grade components and devices, they’ve become one of the leading networking companies on the market and for many, are the preferred company for their home or business network since their easy to set up, provide many advanced options and all their products seamlessly work together and can be viewed from one central interface for managing.
Today, however, we’re looking at one of their mesh router systems, specifically the Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien with mesh point. A mesh router system is a series of nodes that work together and provide a Wi-Fi connection in between those points. It’s one of the newer Wi-Fi technologies probably one of the best technologies to come out recently. The beauty of a mesh system is that you can continuously add nodes to your network, further growing your bandwidth and range, as much as you want, however, it also does this while maintaining 1 Wi-Fi signal across all the nodes. This means you’ll never have to switch to the closest Wi-Fi signal when you’re moving around, since it’s all one big connection, the router will do all the work for you without you having to do anything. These days, a mesh system is the way to go so check it out today!

Netgear RAX40 Nighthawk AX4/4-Stream AX3000 WiFi 6 Router
Netgear RAX40

Netgear needs no introduction. I’m sure at any point when researching any type of networking product, you would have come across a Netgear product at some point or another. With that said, their products don’t disappoint and neither does their Wi-Fi 6 routers. This router is best suited for medium-sized homes and businesses that require a high amount of bandwidth for all their devices, while also maintaining decent speeds for everyone, after all, that’s the main goal of any router and this is no exception and it does its job well.
Netgear’s Nighthawk series has been an absolute smash ever since the series was introduced. Raved on about by many for the series speed and reliability, the Nighthawk series from Netgear is a favorite amongst fans of Netgear products and the RAX40 is no exception to this.

TP-Link Deco X60 AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System
Deco X60

We have yet another TP-Link on the list, but this time, it’s one of their newer mesh routers. Just like the Ubiquiti Alien mentioned above, it works the same way. Allowing you to add as many nodes to your network, creating one big seamless Wi-Fi connection for everyone (that you want of course) to connect to. TP-Link was amongst the first to start producing mesh Wi-Fi systems at affordable prices, and they’ve come a very long way since. With every new model they make, the technology gets better, easier, faster, and more secure.
The Deco X60 is one of our best-selling mesh systems. Not only is it extremely strong, fast, and reliable, but they’re also provided at a decent price for what it is. If you want a router that you can set and forget and maybe, later on, add more to your network then this is for you. The Deco X60 comes in 1, 2, and 3-packs, so you can start small and add on later whenever needed! Check it out today!

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